Carl Bastien & The Stone County Players

Carl Bastien & The Stone County Players


Carl dedicates his huge talent of musician to protect quality of sound recordings; a peaceful war carried trough his asounding energic performance recognized by the music lovers.


Musician, songwriter, composer, producer… Carl Bastien’s credits cover the full range of musical endeavour. He first rose to prominence in Montreal in 1999 as keyboardist for Jean Leloup and as the mixer of Kid Koala’s Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. In 2000 he co-produced and played on Dumas’ eponymous first album, mixed Freeworm’s Vegetation = Fuel, and took on sound-processing and mixing duties for Daniel Bélanger’s Déflaboxe (released 2004). The working relationship between Carl and Bélanger blossomed, and he was subsequently called upon to co produce Bélanger’s Rêver Mieux album (2001), which garnered seven Félix awards including Best Producer and Concert of the Year (Carl was the show’s musical director). In 2002, Carl oversaw the mixing of Ariane Moffatt’s début album, Aquanaute, and Marc Déry’s second solo effort, À l’avenir, enriching them both with layers of sound and effects. In 2003, he produced Dumas’ second album, Le cours des jours, which received two Adisq nominations, and co-produced Freeworm’s follow-up CD, Solar Power. Under the name Stone County Players, Carl released his first solo album, Extra Lovin’ and toured it in a series of live shows around Quebec. He then ventured into the world of film scoring with Dumas, composing, producing and mixing the soundtrack of Yves Pelletier‘s 2004 award-winning Les Aimants. The work earned him a Jutra for Best Film Score and an Adisq nomination for Arranger of the Year. That same year, he re-arranged two pieces for Jaune 2005, the visionary remake of Jean-Pierre Ferland‘s 1970 landmark album. He also co-produced and played on Ariane Moffatt’s second album, Le Cœur Dans La Tête and in early 2006, produced Jeszcze Raz’s vocalist Paul Kunigis’ first solo effort, Exodus. He recently resumed his collaboration with Daniel Bélanger to produce Bélanger’s latest album, scheduled for release in 2007, and produced Dumas’ third album, slated for a fall release. Carl is currently putting the finishing touches on his latest Stone County Players offering, a double live album set for launch October 24.


Carl Bastien & The Stone County Players Live (2006)
Extra Lovin' (2003)