Carl Bryan

Carl Bryan


Carl is a singer/songwriter from Chicagoland who can do nothing but play and sing, everything else is for suckers.


Carl has been a dedicated student of music for 10 years. He began his interest on the piano at age 7. After realizing that there was more, he ventured out and spent years playing the trumpet. He has since moved on and settled down on playing the guitar for the last 10 years.

Carl has been a fan of many different types of music, specifically that of folk and rock bands: Jerry Garcia, Bob Dylan, David Grisman, the list goes on.

In the last four years, Carl has undertaken the beauty of jazz and spent 3 years at North Central College studying under renouned Chicago guitarist Jon Mclean.

Carl tries to incorporate smoothness into his songs via stories, subtle acoustic presence, and jazz. He is currently teaching guitar at Naperville Music in Naperville, IL.


Too Much Distortion - coming soon

Set List

- Originals include -

Simple Message
Whats left?
Open Eyes
A Long Cold Winter Night
Everything is Fine
and more...

- Covers -

Brown Eyed Women - Dead
Ramble on Rose - Dead
Best of What's Around - DMB
Cry Freedom - DMB
You Are My Sunshine
Waste - Phish
and more....