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Carleigh Jade

New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"CARLEIGH JADE BAND – Rocks The Rockwood Music Hall, NYC 3-1-15 !"

The CJB rocked the Rockwood Music Hall, NYC this evening with a tremendous tight set of all original material! They have been killin’ it on the NYC club scene for quite awhile now and will be nationally very soon. So keep you ears and eyes open for them cause they have brand new material and a music video set to premiere very soon already in the can. Just to give you a taste of what you can expect.

Here is the vid for their brand new song that they premiered that evening! … ENJOY! - Andrew Sklover

"CARLEIGH JADE BAND- rocks the LES in NYC ‘Factory Girl’ LIVE…@ The Bowery Electric, NYC 4-28-15"

The CJB had another impressive gig in NYC tonight! Carleigh lead this well oiled machine thru a tight set with her spot on vocals and kick ARSE rock n roll attitude! NO PRISONERS TAKEN! Set included the debut of this brand new song and ended the set with a amazin’ cover! … ENJOY! …Both vids are KILLER! - Andrew Sklover

"Exclusive: Meet singer on the rise Carleigh Jade"

Today on April 5, had the opportunity to exclusively interview a very talented singer on the rise named Carleigh Jade. She is currently based in Chelsea, New York and is working on her debut album. Jade grew up listening to her parents' collection of late 1960's early 1970's Soul and rock albums. She grew up emulating the voices of Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, Etta James and other great female vocalists from that time period. She is wrapping production on her music video, which was shot at YouTube Studios. She is consistently playing New York venues and events. On March 26, she played Belle Reve. Carleigh will be a special guest at The Bowery Electric on April 28 for The Strange Majik Family Jam. Read our exclusive interview below:

AXS: So, if you could describe Carleigh Jade, what adjectives would you use? Who is Carleigh?

CJ: I feel like I’m the wrong person to answer this question. I’m kind of a weirdo. But, adjectives! Weird. I’m very passionate, curious, anxious, intense, and goofy.

AXS: Your music obviously has a rock and soul vibe, but it also incorporates so many other sounds, what are the genres you draw from while creating your songs?

CJ: I think that at the core of every truly timeless song is a great pop song. Pop has become a very taboo term to use. I guess it’s become synonymous with another very taboo term, ‘selling out’, but f---- it! I naturally gravitate towards loud guitars, but a great song is a great song. Also, with all of that being said, I just create music that I want to hear. Once it gets to other people’s ears, it’s theirs. They can call it whatever they want to call it! Well, except for bad. Don’t call it bad!

AXS: Who are your musical inspirations?

CJ: There’s really no short-winded way to answer this question. I’m obsessed with music. I have my favorites, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Heart, Blondie, Sly and The Family Stone, Queen, but I’m constantly discovering new music. There are so many cool new artists. Recently I’ve had Ed Sheeran’s new record on repeat, Hozier, Banks, Elle King, Reignwolf, Halsey, Jessie J, Dead Sara. I should just hand over my itunes account. You would be confused.

AXS: You know a lot of people in the music industry, have you ever considered collaborating with any on them?

CJ: Definitely! This past Saturday I woke up with 34 selfies on my phone of me with Michael Bolton. I found that very amusing. Then my hangover set in. Side note, he’s dope. I’ve known Nile Rodgers since I was 15. He is such a special person and an insane musician. Who knows? I recently met Charli XCX and The Alabama Shakes at SNL after parties. It’s cool to meet people that are in it. Everyone has a unique perspective. I guess that’s why collaboration is so crucial to growing as an artist.

AXS: You’ve been in the business for quite a long time in New York creating a career on your own steam, what’s the journey been like? What has been the most satisfying moment thus far?

CJ: I guess it has been a while! When I first started performing, I would puke before I went on stage. Every single time I thought that I was going to die for sure. So, I’ve come a long way! The fact that I don’t puke before shows anymore, that’s pretty f***ing gratifying.

AXS: You are gearing up for the May release of your first single! The man behind Joss Stone’s production is on board with you. What has it been like having a producer working with you, like the accomplished Steve Greenwell!

CJ: Steve is awesome. At first, I was a little intimidated by him. He’s mellow, but he has a big presence. I didn’t want to make a wrong move. I really wanted to impress him. That was silly. We did most of the recording at Steve’s midtown studio, but I think my favorite part of recording our single “Drunk, Desperate and Crazy” was the day we cut vocals at Threshold Studios. There have been so many incredible artists that I look up to that have recorded at Threshold. It was just Steve and I in the studio and I went f***ing crazy. I put all of the emotion that inspired me to write the song into that vocal- its’ all there. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it! You’ll either be terrified, or right there with me wailing!

AXS: Tell me about your upcoming music video that you shot at YouTube Studios. I heard the original, authentic CBGB’s atmosphere literally became a part of your set!

CJ: Wild! I still can’t believe that we pulled this off. We played CBGB festival this past October and the universe brought Max Schindler to our set in Times Square. He was actually walking by on his way to the Jane’s Addiction set, but he liked what he heard and showed up to our Rockwood Music Hall show the next week. Since then, he has been on the Carleigh Jade train. I told Max about our plans to make this video and introduced him to my friends Sam Miron and Eamon Downey at Other Side Pictures. Once he heard the track and the concept, he put us in touch with Tim Hayes who runs shit as far as CBGB is concerned. We lucked out. The original CBGB’s stage, walls, bar, everything was moved to YouTube studios NY and they hooked us up! This experience was really special for me. Everyone involved was involved because they really believed in this. Again, cannot wait for the world to see.

AXS: You’re consistently touring and playing gigs, what are some venues you’d love to play, and have played already.

CJ: I love playing. Every show is so much fun. I love sushi. I want to play Japan.

AXS: You’re obviously a fashionista, what are some of your favorite brands? What celebs, artists, magazines do you get inspired by?

CJ: This question made me giggle. I usually just wake up and think to myself “What would Steven Tyler wear?” then I ... add feathers! - Shaina Moskowitz

"For the Record: CARLEIGH JADE at Rockwood Music Hall"

After seeing the Carleigh Jade band’s acoustic set at the CBGB Music Festival, I was craving to see and hear more of Carleigh and her group. With seeing many bands play in NYC, I’m always looking for a band that can capture my attention and have me singing along. If I’m there taking photos and I catch myself dancing, I know that band has something special. When I went to see Carleigh Jade’s full set at Rockwood Music Hall, I found myself being so enthralled with her set that I completely forgot about taking images…maybe I’m just a bad photographer, but I had so much fun! Her songs get stuck in your head, and the whole band’s energy will get you rocking out along with them. I had so much fun at the set that I knew I needed to talk to her. See my short interview below and check out more of Carleigh and her band at

B: Hey Carleigh, before we get started, tell us a little about yourself!
C: My name is Carleigh. I am the lead singer in my band ­ Carleigh Jade. (Original, I know.) We’re a rock/blues/pop, sexy/sassy/soulful band from NYC…but we hate labels. We made music that we love.

B: I have to say, you look like such a natural on stage! Your shows are full of energy and excitement. How long have you been performing? Have you always known that you had a talent with performing and music?
C: Thank you!! Our show is definitely a good excuse for me to skip the gym. I sweat. A lot. I’ve been performing in various forms since around 12 years old. I did everything from musical theatre, to sneaking into bars as young as 13 to get up and sing with my aunt’s cover band ­RunAvrilRun, to my first introduction to recording music at 14 when I was singing pop demos I’ve come a long way. That being said, I have actually always had terrible stage fright. To this day, I’m a disaster before and even after the show, but when I’m on stage, everything goes away. I’m able to be entirely myself and release all of my anger, excitement, love, aggression, sadness, anxiety…. my set is pretty much an emotional roller coaster.

B: How long have you and your band been together? How did you form?
C: I started forming the band in 2011 after I had written and recorded a number of songs with Mike Barile at Sweetfire studios. George Pesios, my guitarist, was engineering at the time and we pretty much instantly clicked. Nick Potters and Jack Breslin (my drummer and bass player) came along a little later through friends and friends of friends. I got really fucking lucky. My band is incredible.

B: What is your favorite song from your set and why?
C: I change my mind every time we play a show because it has so much to do with the crowd’s energy, but I think my favorite is Going In Circles and of course, Drunk, Desperate, and Crazy. Going In Circles always brings out the beast in me. Lyrically, it’s an angry song. When I wrote it, I was pissed and every time I sing it, I feel so powerful. I don’t take the fact that I can write a song and perform it for people that are into it for granted. I would probably be in an insane asylum if I didn’t have this outlet. I get to go completely nuts on stage and actually be applauded for it. It’s weird and absolutely amazing. Drunk, Desperate, and Crazy we wrote in one sitting. It just came out. We recorded it with Steve Greenwell and Matt Schenck at Steve’s studio in midtown and then I did the vocals in one session at Threshold Studios, which was a wild experience. When we do it live, everyone sings along to the hook and there’s really no better feeling in the world. Even if there are only two people there to see us, if they’re singing along at the end of the night, I’m happy.

B: What’s next for the Carleigh Jade band? Are you putting together an album or a tour?
C: Right now, we’ve got 2 singles ready to go! Drunk, Desperate, and Crazy is going to be my first ever ­ official release on iTunes and Spotify and wherever you can find music. We’re planning to shoot a music video this winter with an incredibly talented team, OtherSide Pictures. It’s going to be pretty epic.

B: What’s your biggest goal? What’s on your band ‘bucket list’?
C: Biggest goal?! Uh…world domination! I want to tour the world. I want to continue to make music. I want to take this thing as far as I can. Band bucket list? Madison Square Garden. - Boston Lynn for Neon Gods


Still working on that hot first release.



Carleigh Jade is a Rock n' Roll powerhouse. The Carleigh Jade Band, based out of New York City, has quickly become one of the highlights of the local scene. Her voice can range anything from the emotion-drenched blues to the anthems of rock n roll. Her songs are rock influenced pop with just the right mix of grit and sugar to entice any crowd. Currently, Carleigh and the band are putting the finishing touches on their debut E.P. - set to be released later this year!

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