Carley Baer

Carley Baer


Young urban folk rock. A dash of protest music, tempered by early R&B, with a little 50's & 60's jazz and topped with influences from contemporary artists such as Ani Difranco and Fiona Apple.


The music I play has a fine heritage; its ancestors can be traced back to the revolutionary folk artists of the 1960’s. It has evolved to encompass influences from artists all over the map. What you’ll hear is how all of those artists fused together in the mind of an urban Wisconsin girl.

You’ll hear about a range of experiences spoken in a language taught to me by unclassifiable musicians throughout history. Whether drawing from the jazzy American standards, playing tunes reminiscent of Paul Simon and James Taylor, or incorporating the syncopated lyrical styles of Ani Difranco; the result is something all my own.

I am a songwriter today because of my father. I have vivid memories of being very small and having him make up lullabies to sing me to sleep. He always had multiple guitars around, and it was with that constant access that I taught myself how to play. Every song I write and every show I perform is in gratitude, to him and to the countless others who have affected me in such a profound way.

My last project was called “Still Life,” a snapshot of my songwriting progress at the time. Pictures do a wonderful job of preserving a moment, but there’s a whole lot of life going on in between. And that's ok. I intend to keep living life at full speed, and take a picture every now and then.


Winter I'm In (Squirrel Song)

Written By: Carley Baer

I can't find my peace of mind
It's not where I left it
I was afraid if I just carried on
Then I would forget it
Now the skies are clouding up
And I'm hard-pressed to feel at ease

I looked where I usually put things
It wasn't there
I guess I must have just
Buried it somewhere
Now the winter winds are carving
And I will soon be starving
For a piece of my mind
To get me through
This terrible time

Why am I so forgetful
When I cannot afford it?
The warning was very clear
And I simply ignored it
Such a situation
A girl like me can never win
So I will keep on digging
Hoping I find a nut
I tell myself I'll be ok
And I try to believe it, but
I know it'll take more than a prayer
To get me out of this
Winter I'm in

The leaves are all changing
It's down to the wire
But I will never tarry
And I will never tire
It's got to be here somewhere
I know it's got to be around

Now you may say I'm crazy
As you watch me try to cope
But I'm really just busy
Trying not to lose hope
So ye of little faith can beat it
'Cuz I just don't need it
I want silence, if you please
As I try to navigate the trees


Postcard From Amsterdam

Written By: Carley Baer

Hate to go away
But it's not so hard
Go somewhere fabulous
And send a postcard:
"Having a lovely time
Wish you were here
I'll see you soon
Love, the crescent moon"

The city waits
And we are on our own now
Always hoped that we
Would get here somehow
Cup of coffee and a stroll
Along a silent street
Just for you and me

Even though it's a cold and grey
A better season I'm hard-pressed
To remember
Any troubles that might
Haunt us now
A long walk by the canals
Will fix it anyhow

Don't know when I've ever
Felt so happy
Rolling handmade cigarettes
And laughing
And when I say I'm going home
To my one True Love
You know what I mean

Take a long walk
To the park at sunset
Things are slowing down
But we're not done yet
Life is much more fun
When taken in stride
Over a bag of fries
And maybe a bicycle ride

I'm glad we had this time together
Wish that we could stay forever
I never thought that I would
Fall in love with a crescent moon

I never thought that I would
Fall in love with a crescent moon...
...And I'll be back soon


"watching waiting"(2002)- io Donna
"Still Life"(2005)
featured tracks on WPR's "Higher Ground" radio program.
featured tracks on WMSE 91.7fm

Set List

Carley can play any length of set, up to three hours. She does mostly original material; favorites include Your Lost Cause and the Stalker Song. She also throws in some covers, including (but not limited to) songs by the Beatles, James Taylor, John Prine, Ani Difranco, Joni Mitchell, Billie Holliday, and of course her dad.