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My Last Song Will Be Country

Written By: Carlton R Hill

My Last Song Will Be Country
(A tribute to Jimmy Rodgers)
© Carlton R. Hill 2007
Almost 75 years ago a train traveling from New York to
Meridian Mississippi blew its whistle the entire trip

It carried the body of The Yodeling Brakeman, The Mississippi
Blue Yodeler

One of the founding fathers of country music – he was only 36
years old

He began and ended recording w/only his voice and guitar

He had plenty to sing about…...2 marriages, a daughter that
died of diphtheria while he was on the road, and most
often…… money.

It is said that thousands came to his viewing

Jimmie Rodgers…….this is for you

Meridian was a little town when I came into being
It wasn’t any bigger when I ended life with singing

I hear those rails a calling me – They’re calling me on
That whistle is a wailing for me – All the way home

My last song will be country……………...Then I’ll take my final breath
My life and chariot ride are short……….So I’ll yodel into death

Odel-layee-oh delayee-oh delayeee
Odel-layee-oh delayee-oh delayeee

My chariot has those steel wheels pounding on the track
The whistle’s telling everyone I’m finally coming back

This chariot won’t be hampered by the clouds and rolling rain
The thunder and the lightning only add to the refrain

The engine’s smoke is laying flat belching out the stack
My time is finally over and I aint’a looking back
Country is my final song my words and my guitar
My voice and strings will slowly fade then rise to join the stars.

Odel-layee-oh delayee-oh delayeee
Odel-layee-oh delayee-oh delayeee