London, England, GBR

Mixing their love of British Rock n Roll and the sounds of their own standards and with a frenetic live show, Carlito have quickly become one of the hottest bands on the South West circuit, building up a loyal fan base and are a perfect mix between the classic and new sound that is engulfing London


Formed in the Spring of 2011, Carlito are Guitarist Tommy Cruickshanks, Bassist Laurence Stevens, Drummer Pearl Time and Vocalist Jack Dodd. During the many pre-Carlito bands that each member was in, Tommy decided to run an open mic was here that he met Jack and they bonded over a mutual love of the Stones, The Who and the Manic Street Preachers...and a few other things. They combined with songwriter and bass player Laurence....the rest, is starting to become history.


Youth Is Wasted On The Young, Demo, 2011

Set List

You See Things Differently
Power To Please
Scratching Through Your Charms
Caught Between Daydreams
Side Street Superstar
Burn The Whole Mother Down
Waste My Time
Youth Is Wasted On The Young