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2010 Mixtape - Mixtape
"Thang For You" - Single
"What's Poppin'" - Single
"Mama Song" - Single



Carlondo is a young rap artist who exemplifies endurance and triumph over obstacles. Despite facing remarkably challenging experiences, Carlondo maintains a positive, fun, and youthful spirit, which is reflected in his style of music. Carlondo, previously referred to as “Young Flashy,” has made a name for himself creating rap music that utilizes some pop and R&B undertones and light, relatable themes. Yet as this young man matures, his music continues to evolve and reflect the depth of the insight he’s gained throughout his life. With a captivating smile and effortless sex appeal, Carlondo attracts a very broad fan base. But it is his refreshing humility and easy-going character that set him apart. Adding to his versatility are his skills in marketing and ability to view his brand from the perspective of potential fans. This multidimensional mentality has allowed him to be extremely self-sufficient in his pursuit of success.

Born in Seattle, WA in 1988 to a single mother, this Northwest native has been elevating both his image and status as a Hip-Hop artist since the age of 15 when he first stepped foot into a professional recording studio located on the Seattle University campus. It was there where he recorded his single “Mariner High Can We Get You Crunk” with his childhood friend and classmate. He later performed the song at his high school’s annual talent show. Although this was his first performance, this 80’s baby had been writing poetry and full-length songs since the age of 11; with his first song being a mixtape version using music to Aftermath artist Eminem’s song “Criminal” called “We’re Some Criminals.”

After losing the 2nd round of a playoff football game to a rival high school, Carlondo decided to point himself in a direction of furthering his career in music. Shortly after the game had ended at age 18, Carlondo sold his primary mode of transportation and used the cash to purchase studio equipment. After recording his three breakout singles, including the ever-popular “Eye Catcher,” he returned the purchased studio equipment back to the retail chain, and invested the money into marketing not only his music but also his overall brand.

Things seemed to be prospering for the young hip-hop artist with his commitment to being on the fast track for success until the unimaginable happened. On November 25th, 2007 upon returning to his mother’s home, Carlondo was heartbroken to find that his mother passed away lying in her bed. In the
wake of this tragedy, it seemed that all aspects of pursuing music and marketing for Carlondo had ceased.

Suddenly, Carlondo rekindled his interest and love of creating music by remembering what his mother always used to tell him growing up, “In society’s eyes I’m a loser, but I raised winners. That’s my trick on society.” Determined to be that winner his mother always knew that he was, Carlondo began expanding his fan base and networks both off and online. He created a Young Flashy MySpace account that stands with a friends list of over 30K alone. From there, he made an effort to establish a presence on as many social media websites as possible, promoting his brand and building his fan base.

With the drive and dedication to his music and marketing his brand back at full speed, Carlondo encountered yet another difficult roadblock. On June 3rd, 2008 Carlondo was shot in the stomach one evening while engaged in a scuffle against five men attempting to rob the young rapper. Determined not to let this affect his career, Carlondo was back in the swing of things recording music and posing in a photo shoot for a Seattle independent clothing company Capone Caesar just one month after being released from the hospital.

Recently, Carlondo has completed his newest singles “Thang 4 You” and “What’s Poppin,” while his songs “Baby in the Sky,” and “Momma,” are highly anticipated works in progress. His music includes production by Kevin Gardner and engineering/mastering by Platinum Reign Inc.