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Carlo Rashee

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Raised in Hayward, California, Rashee Grier began his music career as a producer. After graduating high school, he bought his first drum machine and hasn’t stopped making music since. Rashee shares, “Music has always been a big part of my life.” Growing up with an uncle that was a DJ, he became deeply rooted with music growing in every fiber of his being. Like his influences–DJ Premiere, Dr. Dre and Madlib, Rashee makes story-telling beats to express emotion that are true to life, to chronicle snapshots of successes, and to expose current struggles and create social change.

Earlier in his career, he focused on producing songs to build his catalog and recorded albums for talented artists and musicians. One of his recent music placements is Young Buck’s song, Sooner or Later from the Dishonorable Discharge CD. His music credits include commercials, documentaries, and mobile applications.

Today, he is primarily known as Carlo Rashee and is the founder and CEO of Studio 92 Music. Upgrading from three recording studio locations, he now produces all of his music at the 1,000 square foot music production and recording facility in Hayward. Carlo Rashee’s passion for music and technology grew.

Carlo Rashee takes pride in his success with his originality and experimentation. “I want my music to be refreshing to an artist’s ear and quench their thirst for great music.”


2012 Studio 92 Music Presents: Studio 92 Music Compilation (Album) [Urban/R&B] To Be Released

2012 Jay Clarks, Coldhearted (Single) [Hip-Hop]

2011 ROD Project, Reality Over Dreams Documentary [Urban/R&B]

2011 Youth For Peace, Youth For Peace (EP) [Hip-Hop/Motivational]

2011 Carlo Rashee feat. Tone Malone, Remember The Day (Single) [Urban/R&B]

2011 Jet feat ROD Project, Beastin (Single) [Rap]

2010 Young Buck, Sooner or Later (Honorable Discharge Album) [Rap]

2010 Breast Cancer Awareness Commercial, Ohlone College

2009 Amon, Iller (Album) [Rap]

2009 4Cs of Alameda County Commercial

2007 Spice 1, Judge by 12 Carried by 6 (Single) [Rap]

2007 AK 9ine, Year of God (Album) [Gospel Rap]

2005 Usual Suspectz, Minority Reports (Album) [Rap]

2005 Usual Suspectz, Naked Gun (Mixtape) [Rap]

2003 American Lung Association Documentary