When making music I try to capture certain events in life and put them on paper, a break up for example. My main goal is to pick people up when their down by showing them that it happens to everyone.


First off I was adopted and ever since I picked up a guitar its been the only thing that has really made me feel at home. I started playing a couple of years ago in order to vent out some tough times that I was going through. From the moment I started playing it was as if I was in my own world and nothing could hurt me. I originally started with the Piano but that kinda caved in when I realized that I couldn't carry it around. But my love for music has always been there mainly because no matter what happened to me, be it good or bad, I knew music was there to help me through it. How I got into the guitar is probably a re occurring theme. One summer at camp on the Georgian Bay I really gained an interest in how that six string works. I remember literally almost begging one of my friends to teach me the guitar and once he caved in I would constantly be on his case to teach me another note. Then chord by chord I got better and knew right then and there that is was the instrument for me. After that the guitar would never leave my side and be my voice when it was hard to speak.


currently I'm working on making an EP but the time to make one has been my enemy

Set List

Right now I have five solid songs that I know are done (Life is, How Stupid Of Me, Underneath The Skin, I believe In Angels and My Life), then I have 2 more that are in progress but soon to be completed. When it come down to set times, it can vary, because I usually like making an intro for each song so it adds up. Cover wise, I usually enjoying playing old John Mayer songs, like My Stupid Mouth or Not Myself. Then I trail off into songs like Tokyo, Forever, In Your Eyes or I Dare You.