Camanducaia, Minas Gerais, BRA

Melodies that come out of my heart and tell us histories about my ancestors and ancient Inkas. South American flutes and drums mixing his armony like a music that restore the soul and give peace inside the heart.


Carlos Carty (30years old) native of Lima-Peru has lived in Brasil since 1997 In his adolescence he was captivated by Andean and South American Music. he started to learn traditional wind instruments such as quena, zampoña and pan pipes. He composed his first music and performed at differents festivals, competitions, radio and television with great success. He was the student of masters of reputation. In addition to his own extensive self-studies as an instrumentalist, musician, composer, arranger and programmer; specialist in Andean Ethnic flutes and computer music. In Brazil, Carlos' music is presented at diverse institutions of art, festivals, theaters and musical events sponsored by different institutions, such as the Peruvian Consulate and Prom-Peru. Carlos has also formed some groups, such as America Inkas, but later continued with his solo career. He has also participated in writings and shows by various Brazilian artists: with the singer Roberto Leal albums "Roberto canta a Roberto" and "It Turns Brazil"; with the duo Kael and Enrique, the rock band Homen do Brasil, with the winner of the festival Viña del Mar, Jorge Pardo, and with Adriana Mezzadri, among others. In 2003, Lavrador do Vento Records produced the album where Carlos shows his total inclination new age music, and where his individual style matured: "Santuario Sur", an album dedicated to the whales of the South Pacific, launched in September 2005. In 2005, Azul Music and Caras Magazine featured Carlos' music, performed by the band "Escalando El Aconcagua" on the magazine's promotional compact disc. Later, the same occurs in the magazine "Quem", of the publishing company TV Globo with another band, "Invisible Sun". Carlos has also been tapped to participate in the band of known Brazilian singer Adriana Mezzadri (the voice of the "novela songs" of Rede Globo). In 2006, launches the album "Machu Picchu o Segredo dos Incas". This album, also featuring Carlos music was used as music for the "Fantastico" program of Brazil's primary TV network Rede Globo.




Flautas Incas (2002)
folklore music and sequencers.

Lavrador do Vento (2004)
relaxation andean music

Santuario Sur (2005)

Machupicchu o Segredo dos Incas (2006)

Set List

Our sets are about 1 hour in length. I play to only compositions .

01 Apu inti (Sun)
02 Danza Inca (Inca Dancer)
03 Princesa del Sol (princess of the sun)
04 Nas assas do Condor (in the wings of the condor)
05 The Icas
06 Santuario Sur (South sanctuary)
07 Andean voyage
08 Amanecer en Cusco (dawn in cusco city)
09 Viaje astral (cosmic voyage)
10 El condor pasa , (new age version)
11 Horizonte de ensueño (dream horizon)