Carlos Daniel

Carlos Daniel


Carlos Daniel is a new youth puertorrican latin-pop singer and a songwriter, ability that permit to develope his own musical compilations in a romantic enviroment. From the pop style to the easy listening songs, his music always have a message that bring you the opportunity to share with others.


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Carlos Daniel is a new youth puertorrican pop ballad singer and song-writer, always following his dreams. Born in the 1983 in Ceiba, Puerto Rico and years later established in Ponce Puerto Rico, Carlos Daniel always is learning and find the felling of love in his songs. Since he was a child, he learned to play differents musical instruments, like the sweet flaute instrument that drive him to his first presentation in front of the public in the early 90's. Then, his father, who seeing his abilities with the musical instruments, recommends to learn to play the acoustic guitar, which after a short time of preparation and lnowledge, makes that this young could play his own melodies, and them, to appear in several school activities. But, the ability to write his own songs, was discovered as a result of the facts of the September 11, 2001, that make that his heart has move to write his first ever song named "Una Nueva Oportunidad" ("A new oportunity")- based on the facts of that day, and envolving the feeling of hope, union and peace that must be in the Earth. Many, when listened that song of "Una Nueva Oportunidad", were touched and inmmediately thought about that the message of the song, could be transmitted to many places, taking him to make differents appearances in several radio and television programs, singing live that pretty and special melody.

Then, a second song was born, with the name of "Deja" ("Leave"), inspired in an awareness activity to the community, by the youthful group Juventud Mariana Vicentina of Puerto Rico. Ahead, this young, now as song writter, was dedicated to continue writing, based in themes like the Love, Romanticism and also with the idea to help others, in which he presented his third song named "Unamos Nuestas Manos" (We unite our hands), made to share a message of conscience, and this one was interpreted with the delegation of Puerto Rico during the activities of the World Youth Day with the Pope JP II, in Toronto, Canada.

More that 15 songs has been writed, until several peole maked the recommendation to produce a CD that gathered the best ones of his songs yet. Then in the beginning of 2006 "Una Nueva Oportunidad" (A new opportunity), his first music CD was born, and, of course, the title of the CD is in honor to his first song. This musical disc included 10 original songs. The interesting thing of this CD is that was completely produced by him, in his small and limited recording studio, including only his acoustic guitar and his voice, and managing the complete process of production of art, printing, designs and them the sales. Regard to the sales, "Un Nueva Oportunidad" was directly sold to the most closed people of the singer. His music traveled outside of his island, and be listened in differents cities in the United States, and in Orlando, Florida, where Carlos Daniel was interviewed "live" in a radio talk show named "Glorias Para Ti", in Salsa1030am.

Although it's classified like Pop, Ballad and a some of Rock, his music style is somewhat different in their rates from which we are customary to listen. Nowadays and after that first disc, Carlos Daniel prepare to us his second musical production named "Más Allá" ("Further on"), a product better elaborated, with more instruments integrated to his band, and with a very special touch, including romantic songs that of course, you will be able to share with that so special being that you have to your side. Carlos Daniel, a special young person who of course with his music, will make you feel like which you are, a special being who always go "Más Allá".

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Versión en Español

Carlos Daniel es un jóven cantante y compositor, siempre en búsca de alcanzar sus sueños. Nacido en el 1983 en el pueblo de Ceiba en Puerto Rico y años más tarde establecido en la ciudad señorial en Ponce, Carlos Daniel siempre ha buscado aprender y buscar el sentido del amor en sus canciones. Desde pequeño aprendió a tocar varios instrumentos musicales, entre ellos la flauta dulce, instrumento que lo llevó a su primera presentación ante un público a principios de los '90. Más adelante, su padre, quien viendo sus habilidades en los instrumentos musicales, le recomienda la guitarra acústica, lo cual luego de un tiempo corto de preparación y conocimiento, hicieron que éste joven pudiera tocar sus propias melodías, lo que a su vez lo llevó a presentarse en varias actividades colegiales. Pero su habilidad para escribir sus propias canciones, las descubrió a raíz de los hecho del 11 de septiembre del 2001, lo que hizo que su corazon se moviera a escribir su primera canción -"Una Nueva Oportunidad"- basada en los hechos de ese día, y la que envuelve el sentimiento de esperanza, de unión y de paz que debe existir en la Tierra. Muchos al escuchar esas letras de Una Nueva Oportunidad, de inmediato se conmovieron y pensaron en que el mensaje que lleva, podría transmitirse a mucho


MAS ALLA (2007)

Set List

Prófugo de tus recuerdos (2:53)
Dime porqué (4:12)
Habla claro (3:53)
Para amarte (3:46)
Quien buscara mi corazon (3:58)
Una nueva oportunidad (4:02)
Invierno sin ti (4:06)
Real Amor (3:55)
Guitarra viajera (3:01)
Baila (2:31)