Carlos Olmeda

Carlos Olmeda


Tri-Cultural Pop is... Acoustic-Alternative/ Adult Contemporary/ and Cross-Cultural Performance Based Songwriting. Carlos won't sound like the last 20 performers that played your circuit, and his songs are very "sticky" to the ear!


"My job, and I love my job, is to entertain you. My dream, and I live my dream, is to jumpstart your imagination." These simple words sum up the mission of talented artist Carlos Olmeda. A musician who more than lives up to his intent, he is one of modern music's rare performers that can not only keep you singing along to his songs all night, but also continue to feel them the next morning. A driving force in the San Diego music scene for over a decade, his unique brand of acoustic driven alternative-pop has not only won over countless audiences, but also such chart topping artists as Jason Mraz, who calls Carlos his "mentor" and "one of the main reasons he chooses to live in San Diego."

Hailing proudly from the acoustic singer/songwriter school of performance, Carlos grew up mesmerized by such legendary musicians as Paul Simon, Cat Stevens, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, and Johnny Cash, yet was also strongly influenced by the works of rock/pop artists like The Beatles, Elton John, Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, and the Beach Boys. Through his love of these artists, he came to appreciate the power of the song above all other factors, and this can be heard in every one of his pieces. Whether a fun pop song or a darker rock number, the song is always key, and retains the same power when being performed solo as when backed by a full band.

Carlos has released several regionally-succesful albums, including the 1999 San Diego Music Award winner "Sensitive Groove", but it is now time to introduce his music to a bigger audience. While working in the studio this fall on a song that he co-wrote for a project involving the Gipsy Kings, Carlos had a chance encounter with up-and-coming music producer Daniel Diaz that has resulted in the recording of three songs designed to form the beginning of an upcoming national release. These songs, "Tabitha Loves Me" (which features a little help from Jason Mraz and brother Toca Rivera on backing vocals), "Stop Your Cryin'", and "Blue Eyed Girl" are a strong display of Carlos' versatility, pop-sensibilities, and culturally-diverse roots. "Tabitha" seems especially destined to win over any audience with its ultra-catchy chorus that people can't help but want to sing along to!

While a great start, in order to finish what will undoubtedly be a breakthrough for Carlos, it is now necessary to find investors who see the amazing potential in this artist and would like to help make history! Whether it be a label or private party, a budget is needed in order for Carlos, Daniel, and the other musicians and engineers involved to spend the time necessary to complete a full length, commercially viable album. The talent is there and the payoff has amazing potential. Please visit the contact page to find out how to become involved with this incredibly talented artist that San Diego has jealously guarded for so long, the one and only Carlos Olmeda!


2006 "Three Song Promotional EP" (Featured in the Audio Section)
2005 " The Other American"
2005 "Spanish 101 For Lovers"
2004 "Time Travel Made Fun And Easy"
1999 "Sensitive Groove" (San Diego Music Award winner for "Best Adult Acoustic Alternative" Album and nominated for "Best Acoustic Album".)
1995 "Learning To Walk"

Set List

Power and Motion, Stop Your Cryin, Trinkets and Blood, I Gotta Right, Power and Motion, Dear Ana, The Other American, Tabitha Loves Me, Willamena!, Hey Laura, Atrevido, Bayaeh!

Carlos performs anything from a 20 minute " power set" to 2 (two) 60 minute sets to a 2 1/2 hour set.

Carlos has a great ability to make each fan feel as if the song was written and perfomed specifically for them.