Carlos "Prince of Poetry" Ramirez

Carlos "Prince of Poetry" Ramirez

 Daytona Beach, Florida, USA
BandSpoken Word


I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY in east flatbush. The third child of two Panamanian parents, I was always encouraged to be creative. I moved away from home in 2000, when I joined the US Army. As a proud member of the 101st Airborne Division, I served with honor. It was in the military that maturity took hold of me. In my life I have loved and lost, I have fought and succumbed, I have accomplished and failed, and through it all, I write. Every life is a story, this is just mine.


Dear Venus

Written By: Carlos Ramirez

In love again, after years of prayers;

Remembering when, my eyes filled with tears;

Thinking back then, that no one would care;

Knowing hearts tend, to come in pairs;

Laying on my bed today seeking help from Venus;

Giving you an offering hoping that you see this;

Hoping that it pleases, so you can answer me now;

Trying to understand love I want to throw in the towel;

I miss her and I want her, confusing as it may be;

So I lay here on this bed patiently waiting;

While I feel my chance abating;

My head is now deflating;

Trying to stay hard like armor plating;

Preventing my soul from hating;

I know Mars is always bating;

So I have to keep on stating;

Things that keep my heart elating;

So my words are innovating;

Trying to keep motivating;

But then I have a sudden awakening;

And it’s you again, standing here before me;

It’s you again Venus didn’t ignore me;

It’s you again back where we belong;

It’s you again, and now my life goes on;

Who says patience isn’t a virtue;

You found the one guy who wouldn’t hurt you;

And I found love twice in one life time

This time you became my life line;

So thank you Venus you showed me that she’s worth it;

Back in time again, never to desert it.

You See Me Now

Written By: Carlos Ramirez

You see me now, and the lines no longer blurry;
Along this straight road now no longer curvy;
Yet Still swerving, I crash into my own pit;
Putting myself through an emotional guilt trip;
But I deserve it, for lord knows I don’t deserve you;
What you saw in me today should be taboo;
You found me uncovered and naked now
No blanket of lies to cover me, no mask over my brow;
No image to uphold to, you regretfully see me now;
But what’s truth and what’s real, what’s lies and fake;
Didn’t realize till now how much here was at stake;
Too little now too late;
Too much to handle on my plate;
My food spilling over, my mistake to make;
Not everything was false, but not all was said aloud;
You never saw me from this angle, but do you see me now;
As sure as the sun this morning wakes me;
The love I had was real, or may the lord take me;
Guess the show is over, and no audience to take a bow;
I guess I ruined something great again, do you see me now
No more words no more actions; just apologies and retractions;
No more dreams no more hopes no more future to imagine;
How can I be friends when you’ve seen me unclothed;
Like cooking dinner in a kitchen with no stove;
You saw the monster inside me, with nothing to hide me; and no rules to abide;
Sitting in this darkening room, where I live, again contemplating suicide;
Look at me, LOOK AT ME, here I am, afraid of what I see in the mirror
LOOK AT ME, this is truly me, who can love this what can love this;
This is me.
Because now I can’t look at you, but I hope to make it right somehow;
Alone again, caught up again….never seen again now.

By Carlos “Prince of Poetry” Ramirez © 2011