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Carlos Pringle

Emporia, Kansas, United States | SELF

Emporia, Kansas, United States | SELF
Band Blues Adult Contemporary


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"At The Java Cat"

When a writer’s thoughts go stale, a change of scenery often helps nudge the mind into a more creative space. Therefore, I have a half-dozen writing spots around Emporia. One of those places is Java Cat-5, the coffee house at 610 Merchant.

Now operated by Angie Baker, the Java Cat has a fresh energy – new colors, additional seating, and a more home-like atmosphere. The once-orange walls have a coat of sky blue paint and Angie’s décor adds warmth and personality to the place.

A chalkboard menu behind the counter lists the drink options. Personally, I’m partial to the Alley Cat, an espresso slush. Now that cold weather has set in, however, I’ll likely lean toward hot chai.

Sometimes I hit the Java Cat to meet and catch up with writer friends but usually I come here simply to write. Whether I’m working on a column or something else, I like to hear the blenders as they chew ice, the whoosh of steam that shoots from the espresso machine, and the quiet murmur of voices in the background. And for me, someone who values natural light, I appreciate the huge plate glass windows facing west. The windows offer a place for my eyes to travel. Watching traffic on the street and sidewalk adds to the liveliness of the environment.

All of these things stimulate a writer’s mind. There’s a good energy here, watching things in motion, hearing activity around me. If you put me in a quiet room, I’m likely to create nothing at all.

Riding below all of the other coffee house sounds, music plays in the background. Sometimes it’s jazz coming over the speakers, sometimes it’s pop music. The other day it was Carlos.

When I arrived at the Java Cat on a Saturday about 1 p.m., a young man with a guitar was setting up a stool, a microphone, a music stand.

The musician was Carlos Pringle. He’s originally from Leavenworth and is a graduate student in history at Emporia State University.

As Carlos sat up his equipment quietly in front of the faux fireplace, the room was already full of customers drinking coffee, talking, or working on their computers. When he began playing and singing, his music didn’t take over the place, but instead added depth and richness to the atmosphere.

I enjoyed Pringle’s music. He had a good voice, interesting lyrics, and some mellow instrumental improvisations.

After he finished a set, I talked with him for a few minutes. In addition to being a grad student at ESU, he’s in the Marine Corps Reserves.

His interest in music began with playing the piano and then it expanded. “I worked my way to the guitar by the time I graduated from high school,” he said. “I’ve had no formal lessons. I’m self-taught.” He also plays bass and drums.

Pringle has been playing around Emporia for a few years. He’s performed at open mic nights at Natasha’s and Beer: 30. He’s now starting to take his music more seriously and recently purchased a sound system to allow for playing various venues such as the Java Cat.

He played a couple of tunes written by others, but most of the songs were original pieces. He sang “Georgia” about his grandmother. He had a song about an ended relationship, one about trouble in The Congo, another about his faith, called “Make It Right.”

“I write what I feel,” he said. “I don’t have a certain genre. I write from my life.”

And I asked Pringle the question that I always want to ask songwriters – which comes first, the music or the lyrics?

“The lyrics come and then the music comes,” Pringle said, adding that at other times he’ll be playing a chord or a progression and that that sometimes leads to a song on its own.

Pringle writes the lyrics out on his computer. “I type faster than I write,” he smiled. He’ll get it all down first and then come back later to finish it.

Apparently this will be a regular gig for Carlos Pringle. He plans to play at the Java Cat on the first and third Saturdays of each month beginning around 1 p.m.

His music added another layer of interest to my Saturday afternoon at the coffee house. Live music, well done. - Emporia Gazette


"Impressions" LP (Unreleased)



Originally born in Colorado Springs 1986, Carlos grew up in a military household. His family moved a lot during his younger years but the experiences have ultimately contributed to his musical career. In high school he originally experimented with all types of genres, including hip hop, rock, and techno. Yet, it wasn't until after his graduation that he discovered the freedom of a six string guitar.

Purchasing an Austin Acoustic for $80 in 2005, he painstakingly set out to learn the craft by himself. In college he spent many hours teaching himself and in four years had effectively learned the guitar, while improving his voice. After many successful live performances, his love for songwriting and music continued to grow. However his musical career was put on hold in 2008, after joining the United States Marine Corp.

Although a member of the USMC(R), and a full time graduate student, Carlos has still found time to perfect his craft. Currently, he is on the verge of releasing his first LP entitled "Impressions". The 10 song LP is an expressive mix of soulful music, filled with hints of blues and folk. His music truly provides a dynamic sound unparalleled in the music scene today. As an artist, he is also influenced by many genres but the most influential artist, he noted, has been John Mayer.

For the moment, Carlos is just beginning to reach the pinnacle of his musical career. As an up and coming artist, Carlos Pringle's music is sure to have a major impact on the music industry. He's definitely got a long way to go. However, when asked why he wanted to pursue a music career Carlos noted, "Music has always been apart of my life, it's always been something I've pursued. I have a passion for my music, and a passion for people who love music. In the long run, I just can't see myself sitting behind a desk working a 9-5. I see myself as an artist."