Carlos Severe Marcelin

Carlos Severe Marcelin

 Portland, Oregon, USA

combines rock with historical genres and technology to create a new blend of modern rock


As a connoisseur of all music styles through the ages, his fingers channel cultures and millennium through his guitar, to you. Was that Greek, Dylan, Debussy, Indian, Led Zeppelin you hear? His heritage is Cuban, but you’re sure you heard some flamenco in there somewhere… Isn’t that from Spain?

Just when you’re settling into a comfortable bed of musical fabric woven from lush aural textures, CSM will sneak in some industrial-sounding percussion or a surprise ending to throw you off balance. Using occasional dissonance and dramatic harmonies alternating with the playful, CSM leaves an indelible expression.

Carlos has many songs and many styles, which spill into different musical incarnations. He has a couple of other projects going on, namely Sally Tomato and Pidgin. Drummer Eric Flint has played music with Carlos for a long, long time and is in both projects. Carlos has a wonderful partner in life, Sally, who takes the songs he writes that need words in them. These are played under the Sally Tomato moniker.

Before the current projects, Carlos was the founding member of Silkenseed. Spawned in New Orleans circa 1990, and migrated to Portland, Oregon in 1994, they had a fair amount of regional success on the west coast in the late 1990s on indie label Rainforest Records. The band eventually dissolved, but never you mind ~ Carlos seems much more at home in his basement playing music straight from his imagination to yours. Perhaps a dingy basement is significant to Carlos’ musical creativity. A certain smelly, magical place on Robert Street in New Orleans provided the backdrop for Silkenseed’s early confluence and a newer, presumably drier but still dingy one in Portland, Oregon is the current space for his musical musings. Something about this subterranean ambience seems to inspire him.

Before Silkenseed, Carlos attended the music composition program at Tulane University in New Orleans. Not much is known about this period except that high grades existed in stark juxtaposition to a conspicuous absence of foot apparel.

He currently performs in the local and regional circuit as well as the occasional festival.

Enjoy the music of CSM, and perhaps that journey can have an impact on your own.


T,E.D. (2012)
Woman with Spider (2008)
The Instrument Cried Play Me (2007)

One Night (2011)
Toy Room (2008)
Concentration (2006)
Soup (2002)

DarkCavesLightHouses (2011, Sally Tomato)
Ipon! (2011, Los Moustachios)
Toy Room (2010, Sally Tomato)
My Dirty Left Foot (2009, Sally Tomato)
Veer (2009, Heliorana)
ExplOregon (2008, Sally Tomato)
UFO Am I (2007, Sally Tomato)

Set List

A typical set list is anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. We may perform the Planets song cycle, where each planet in our system has a piece. In addition, other pieces such as Talbot the Winged Warrior, Blackistan, Flower Naked Pot, Earth, Crystalline, Nash, All My Friends, and others round out the sets.