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"Lana J. Albert reviews Carlos Wilde"


In this world of independent music and true musical art in its best form, master lyricist and singer Carlos Wilde delivers expert production quality and complex musicianship, Carlos weaves a tale of the soulful and the powerful and tops it off with his unique voice and delivery style.

The lyrics in the song “Phantom”, are delivered in utter angst complete with a smooth groove and heartbreaking piano, and is capped off with lyrics like “Twist the truth at will – with your venom kill – it’s easy to deceive in a world of make believe”. This song truly uncovers the pain of the broken-hearted. The strength and range of Carlos’s voice is highlighted in this incredible vocal performance.

If you are looking for superior musicianship, songs that strike you right to the core, expert and flawless production, and versatility, look no further than Carlos Wilde
- Lana J. Albert - Reviewer for Gods Of Music - Musician/Composer/Producer reviews

"Steven Timoffee of LoadPuller & reviews Carlos Wilde"

Steven Timoffee of LoadPuller & reviews

Every hour is Happy Hour! "Cocktail by Carlos Wilde"

I recently received my copy of Carlos Wilde's CD, "Cocktail" via Over the last year, I have enjoyed streaming Wilde's music online and I looked forward to his CD release. As I opened the package, the alluring CD cover art heightened my anticipation for the music that awaited me.

From the first track, the charming melodies and smooth rhythms stirred up my emotions and took control of my mind and body.
Carlos has an enchanting aura about his voice that is as exhilarating as a cool sea breeze on a warm, sunny day. Each song displays a passion that is both intelligent and well crafted. A seasoned traveller and well educated, Carlos is a self-produced, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist residing in Málaga, Spain that embraces many styles of music. From modern dance rhythms, to classic roots r&b and pop sounds of the 70s and 80s. A combination of stirring Fusion-pop and upbeat rhythms poured into a strong mix that forces you to feel at one with the music.

Wilde takes his surroundings and observations and puts them to song with a flare that is pleasantly intoxicating. You can hear the many musical inspirations in songs like, "Staring At The Dark", "Dreams", "Phantom" which is simply haunting in both sound and style along with the outstanding, bluesy "On This Side of Paradise". Every track achieves an intense amount of imagery, as the soothing vocals keep you focused on the talent of this exceptional artist.

The debut CD release, "Cocktail" is a work of smooth sophistication that is genuine and appetizing to the last drop. A passion for perfection has created one of the best stand-out pop CDs of the year. Carlos Wilde's songs flow like a gratifying elixir that is thought provoking and compels you to dance, sing and raise your glass in celebration!


Reviewed by Steve of LoadPuller



Artist : Carlos Wilde
Label: Atom Sounds
©® 2004

Artist: Carlos Wilde
CD: Atom Sounds Compilation
Track: What Can I Say
Label: Atom Sounds
©® 2004

Artist: Carlos Wilde
CD: Wilde Sea (Promo)
Label: Independent
©® 2002/2003



"Born in Portugal, later studied and lived in Dublin, Ireland and now residing in Málaga, Spain. As I normally say, I didn't choose music but music chose me. The flow of one note to another (sang and/or played) can touch me in unpredictable ways. At the tender age of 4 I was entertaining friends and family with my singing and dancing. At the age of 10 sang in a casino at a variety show. During primary and secondary school attended singing classes (still do, by the way) and was involved in amateur theatre plays and school music concerts. I also attended guitar classes for a short while but I define myself as a self-taught instrumentalist. Have worked with several musicians and formed bands giving life to various music projects. Have performed live in Portugal, Ireland and Spain both at pub/club and concert level and been in studios a few times