Carlos Xavier

Carlos Xavier


Imagine authentic latin ballad style written songs by a latin born and raised in the Bay Area. Influenced by music living in the urban culture of r&b & hip-hop, by the rock culture of the 80's but being true to his latin rythyms and focusing on his beautiful power vocals..... that's Carlos Xavier.


A vocalist born into the Bay Area salsa scene singing nightclubs weekly for 11 years is finally turning into the music that makes him sing day and night letting his vocals breath. Bringing all his influences in Latin rhythms and the music he heard growing up as a kid in the urban hip-hop, r&b and rock era, his music bleeds his Latin rooted power vocals. Carlos Xavier is the name and singing is his game, seriously.

Carlos is trying to reach fans and audiences by his pure and passionate vocals. However, he is bringing all his previous band experiences to make his band shine along with him. In a nut shell, Carlos has lead the stage singing in Australia with Los Mocosos at the "East Coast Blues and Roots Festival", singing in the Caribbean’s on cruise ships for months in a row, touring the parts of the US, Canada, and while not on the road, a weekly local nightclub performer.

Consider the past 11 years great experience and training for Carlos who is ready to unleash himself as a solo artist. Utilizing his musicians experience and his gained knowledge Carlos’ band brings an exciting, yet very unique sound. It’s a sound a Latin born and raised in the urban US can completely understand, but it will also bring a new light to Latinos in Central and South America. The genre of Latin/Pop/Rock/Balada is ready to embrace the new sound of Carlos Xavier. Not a sound created, but a sound felt and created by passion and the want to please souls.


Album Coming Soon........

Set List


Esclavo De Tu Amor
Estas Alli
Si Dices Que Si
No eres Feliz
Si Exsistiera
Me Inspiras
No Estaba Enamorado


Yo Vengo Ofrecer Mi Corazon (Fito Paez)
No Podras (Cristian Castro) Acoustic Version
Si Te Vas (Marc Anthony) Acoustic Version