Carlota Atlee

Carlota Atlee


I write songs that can be put to any music.


I just write songs. I can write about anything.



Written By: Carlota Atlee

my body is so awkward
it has no grace that lasts
but in my heart lives freely

inside i can fly
i have wings of gossamer
the breath of an angel

outwardly i am a frog
skin wet and unworthy of a kiss
my eyes large and openly know
the truth

the royal human inside me
is so proud
sweet and full of hope

perhaps you would kiss me
out of pity
out of drunken arrogance
the kiss would be useless

crawl i will back to my soggy
continuing to dream the dream


Written By: Carlota Atlee

everyone is standing around screaming to the heavens
yeling about this and that
informing me of my duty
without asking what I already know
but feel useless to the task

even thought I know I must help my fellow man
I just can't take the cry of war
the cry of no war
my ears clogged with hostility

the nasty finger pointing and name calling

we haven't learned anything

does not anger beget anger
do you not greaten the void
for no communication
is there no peaceful solution

are you so certain that your nearest
and dearest follow your guide
or do they crawl quietly home
from the parade of their own egos
and silently to bed with a
hidden bottle of wine

what of your deep heart

does not this love and charity
begin at home and
are you so certain that your own
circle is content

yes, what of your deep heart

have you done all that is possible
to clean your own mess up before
you point out the garbage of others

I do not scream to the heavens
I thank them
even with doubt in my heart
I thank them

just don't yell at me
gently take my hand and tell me what you know
I will do the same
and we can start from there

For Our Lives

Written By: Carlota Atlee

for my life
I can not
this silence
I crave

I do not wish to talk anymore
I know not what to say

for your life
read my mind
the silence

join me and pray
join me and pray

perhaps then
the ocean will
embrace us
with her music

sounds will drip in
such joy
just before
we are to drown

no longer
to look
over my shoulder
at the following sea

for my life
I gasp for air
with no hope
at all

but hope wins
as always
even in the end

Sleep On

Written By: Carlota Atlee

you sleep on my couch in my little room
full of my head and heart
the smell of smoke and spirits
do little to disturb your rest

and I watch you

I can almost reach out and touch your hair
I can feel its dry silk though you are 5 miles
at least from my hand
I can caress the lines around your eyes
search the scar for its origin

as close as you are I can taste
the sweat of your past
the sweetness of now

your eyes open for a moment
and their smile breaks my heart with happiness

quiet now
say nothing
please say nothing

let me look at you as you fall back to slumber

never let us waken
sleep on
sleep on

I will cover you with a warm blanket
so the the chill never reaches your heart
I will feed you with dreams
I will bring you water from an endless spring

anything for your lips to part with a happy sigh

oh please sleep on
sleep on
sleep on