Carlou D

Carlou D

 Dakar, Dakar, SEN

Rising star of senegalese music, fusing traditional styles with modern, urban beats with an illuminating presence on stage.


An outspoken voice from Senegal's hip-hop generation, Carlou D and his band bring spiritual roots music, clean living and electric performances straight from Dakar's ripe music scene.

Born in one of Dakar's suburbs in 1979, Ibrahima Loucard grew up under the musical eye of his father, who initiated him into the vast and varied styles of music of that time. Immediately hooked on the sounds, Carlou D, as he and his band are known, left school at sixteen and started performing on local stages set up around his neighbourhood.

After a successful single release in 2002 Carlou was noticed by Senegal's hard-hitting political rapper, Didier Awadi, who invited him to join Positive Black Soul, the country's first, and arguably most successful, hip-hop group. With PBS, Carlou toured the world and adopted a voice which would speak out about social ills and political situations. "The part of hip-hop which I have kept in my music is the courage to be direct," says Carlou. He left the band in 2004, when the members of Positive Black Soul went their own way.

Now performing as a solo artist for four years, and with a debut album under his belt, Carlou D is a recognisable figure in his traditional Muslim robes with the image of his spiritual guide around his neck. Like World Circuit recording artist Cheikh Lo, Carlou belongs to one of Senegal's spiritual sects, the Baay Fall, and takes much of his musical inspiration from his spiritual guide, Cheikh Ibra Fall.

But purity, simplicity and above all, respect for others, are the cornerstone of Carlou D's concept. Taking the essence of the Baay Fall philosophy, the outspoken qualities of hip-hop, and musical elements of jazz, soul, rap, and acoustic roots, Carlou D is an illuminating presence on stage. An exceptional guitarist with a pure voice and infectious sense of rhythm, Carlou D's second solo album will make him one of Senegal's next great musical exports.


Seede - Weeru waay-Ndeye Dior

Set List

Sam Fall
Salte Baxul.
Jarul Niaw
Name Nala
Sen regal
Fi ma diar