Carl Thurlo

Carl Thurlo


Carl's poetry is described as having a lyrical quality. And it requires emotion and feeling to project in recitations. Everyone's ear is turned towards one cowboy ( Carl Thurlo ) who is telling a story that draws everyone in...




Carl hails from Kingston Oklahoma, a small town close to the Oklahoma, Texas border. But during his years of entertaining, Carl has crossed many borders including the vast ocean. he has appeared on country and western programs across the nation and overseas. He has recorded poems and songs on numerous labels and is heard on various raido programs around the world.

Attention from the National Cowboy Poetry Society came after Carl had recorded "Old Blaze" and "The Cowboy and The Lord" with autumn Records out of Nashville.

He plays the harmonica with The Shadow Mountain Band as well as other bands

Carl has recorded several poems and songs and has a book of his works called "Ramblin"s of The Ranch Hand." He has an album of cowboy poems available, also a single featuring "Santa and the Cowboy."

Carl is described as a cowboy of many talents including those of songwriter, poet and entertainer. With his special blend of poetry and music, Carl transports listeners back in time to the day of the cowboy. He made his first record, "Truck Driver's Hell," in 1960.

Just like his poems, Carl's record numbers have grown and he has performed all across the United States and overseas. several of his songs have been recorded by artists including Janice Duffy, Christy McEntire, Dale Lay, and Bobby G. Rice "You Lay So Easy On My Mind"

Carl says reciting his poetry is one of his favorite activities. When he recites, guitarist Keiller Park provides background music with a guitar.

Now Imagine yourself sitting by a campfire softly crackling and lulling harmonica music floating in the air. And every ear is turned towards one cowboy who is telling a story that draws everyone in...

Thats the way some describe the transformation that takes place when Carl Thurlo shares his songs and poems.


Aim High

Written By: Carl Thurlo

To purchase a copy
call:580-564 - 4455

Cowboy And The Maiden

Written By: Carl Thurlo

'To Purchase a Copy Call"
580- 564 - 4455

"Cowboy's Prayer"

Written By: Carl Thurlo

To Purchase A Copy Call:
580-564 - 4455



C.D./ Single featuring

" Santa and the Cowboy"



1. 100 Years Ago

2. The Cowboys And The Well

3. Old Blaze

4. The White Faced Cow

5. Tellin' On Keiller

6. The Cowboy And The Ghost

9. The Boy Across The Way

10. Vietnam

11. I Saw It All

12. Cowboy Instructions

13. Bales Of Hay

14. My Life Is Over

15. Cowboy's Hell

16. Walking With You

17. Cowboy And The Maiden

18. Cowboy's Prayer

19. Aim High

20. The Message

21. Crawdad Song

22. Cowboy's Courage

23. The Son-In-Law

24. Chocolate Ice Cream Cone

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"The Ranch Hand"

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Book of Poems/Songs Called:
"Ramblin's" of The Ranch Hand
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Carl Thurlo "The Ranch Hand"
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Carl Thurlo
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Kinston, OK. 73439

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Carl Thurlo is set:

(Within 100 mile from Kingston,Oklahoma) $225.00 either 15 min., 30 min., or one hour

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