Carl Verheyen Band

Carl Verheyen Band

 Los Angeles, California, USA

CVB's led by Carl Verheyen, guitar virtuoso, longtime first-call session player, arranger, producer, songwriter and one of the preeminent "tone masters" in guitar playing today. He's also been lead guitarist of Supertramp for over 25 years. CVB are rock, with lots of jam, blues and jazz overtones.



“One of the Top 10 Guitar Players in the World” Guitar Magazine

“One of the Top 100 Guitarists of All Time” Classic Rock Magazine

In his 40-plus years of playing the instrument, Carl has created a wildly successful, multi-faceted career. He is a critically-acclaimed, Grammy®- nominated musician, vocalist, songwriter, arranger, producer and educator with 11 CDs and two live DVDs released worldwide. Carl is commonly regarded as a guitar virtuoso capable of playing any style of music with remarkable mastery and conviction. He has been one of LA’s elite “first call” session players for the past 25 years, playing on hundreds of records, movie soundtracks and television shows. Verheyen has graced the pages of countless industry publications and been the subject of numerous articles chronicling his rise to the forefront of the modern day guitar scene. Carl has won numerous polls and musical honors in the US, Germany, France, Italy and the UK.

A member of the smash hit British rock group Supertramp since 1985, Carl has played to millions of enthusiastic fans in sold out arenas worldwide. As the creative force behind the Carl Verheyen Band, he has released an impressive and eclectic discography that showcases his endless talents across a wide array of musical genres.

A much sought after studio musician, Carl plays on other artists’ CDs whenever his busy schedule permits. He has recorded and played with a virtual who’s who of the music industry. His vast collection of movie soundtrack and television credits is enviable. Carl was heard by 67, 000,000 people as a featured soloist at the 2009 Academy Awards. He will also be heavily featured in the forthcoming film documentary about the electric guitar, Turn It Up!
On the educational front, Carl has produced two instructional videos called Intervallic Rock Guitar and Forward Motion as well as various on-line lessons. He also has a book/CD detailing his unique “intervallic” style called Improvising without Scales. Another book entitled Studio City is a compilation of all the columns Carl wrote for Guitar Magazine between 1996 and 1999. He has written a monthly column for Chitarre, Italy’s #1 guitar publication as well as Guitar World and Guitar Jam Daily, a website devoted to serious guitarists. He currently writes a monthly column for Guitar Player magazine, contributes to other guitar publications and blogs regularly for and his own site. Carl also lectures and teaches at clinics regularly when not on the road.

Working closely with Dean Markley, Carl developed a line of signature strings for the electric guitar that perfectly balance the tremolo bridge of the Fender Stratocaster®, the Carl Verheyen “Balanced Bridge” Helix HDTM string set. They also developed a top-of-the-line guitar lubrication together, Tuba LubaTM. As if that weren’t enough, Carl proudly helped design the LsL Instruments “CV Special” and “CV Studio” signature guitars in addition to his numerous existing endorsements.
? “Best Guitarist 1998” LA Music Awards

? “Best Studio Guitarist” Guitar Player Readers’ Choice Awards

? 2005 release Rumor Mill nominated for four DVD Entertainment Awards (“Best Musical Performance,” “Best Audio Presentation,” “Best Dual Disc,” “Best Authoring Design”). Win for “Best Dual Disc.”

? “Best Additional Features” Surround Sound Award for Rumor Mill.
? Featured in dozens of magazines: Guitar Player, Guitar World, Rhythm, Vintage Guitar, Gig, Guitar Shop, Musician, Premier Guitar, 20th Century Guitar, Jazztimes, Chitarre, and Jazziz. Cover of 1998 Guitar Techniques with his long time idol B.B. King. Cover of Axe Magazine twice.

? Motion Pictures : Star Trek, UP, Land of the Lost, The Crow, The Negotiator, Strange Days, LA Story, Gladiator, Blow, Walking Tall, Titan AD, True Lies, The Usual Suspects, Collateral Damage, Scrooged, The Big Hit, Forces of Nature, Mad Love, Idle Hands, Race the Sun, Ratatouille, Speed Race, Cars 2 and numerous more.

? Television Shows: Cheers, Scrubs, Samantha Who, Frasier, Married...with Children, Larry Sanders Show, Seinfeld, Happy Days, Murphy Brown, The Tonight Show, The Gary Shandling Show, The Martin Short Show and many more.

? Performed/Recorded with: Albert Lee, Robben Ford, Joe Bonamassa, Rick Vito, Guthrie Govan, Scott Henderson, Glenn Frey, John Fogerty, B.B. King and countless more.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: (Carl’s blog)!/pages/Carl-Verheyen- Official/157574464276259!/pages/Carl-Verheyen- Band/121934781157574 (Japanese language site)


1988 No Borders – An early reflection of Carl’s “jack of all trades” status.

1994 Garage Sale – A showcase of Carl’s improvisation skills embracing blues- based forms. He began to forge a unique chordal concept that can be heard on his soulful cover of Bob Dylan’s “My Back Pages.”

1997 Slang Justice - Stylistically diverse with elements of rock, blues, funk and acoustic rock.

1999 Slingshot – Written entirely backstage during Supertramp’s Some Things Never Change tour. A blues-rock style album mixed with pop and jazz influences.

2000 Atlas Overload - Back to basics with this technically sparse and raw CD. 2001 Solo Guitar Improvisations – A highly- respected work of solo acoustic

2001 Real to Reel – Side project with Karl Ratzer, Vienna’s most renowned jazz guitarist. Recorded in just two days, it consists of extended “jams” and interactive musical sparring.
2003 Six – Includes a cover of Lennon/McCartney’s “Yes It Is” using a chord style fans have come to recognize as “uniquely Verheyen.”

2005 Rumor Mill – An award-winning DVD box set with a live concert, an acoustic concert, behind the scenes interviews, a master class and rehearsal footage.

2006 Take One Step – Another step forward in the tradition of a constantly searching musical and artistic career. Includes an extended piece called “Bells of April” that incorporates the many sounds of the electric and acoustic guitar orchestrally and departs radically from traditional song form.

2009 Trading 8s – Carl’s latest CD featuring duets with some of the finest guitarists in the world: Joe Bonamassa, Albert Lee, Scott Henderson, Steve Morse, Rick Vito and Robben Ford.

2011 The Road Divides – DVD featuring fifteen live, in-concert songs from the CVB catalogue shot for the first time with this incarnation of the Band, their strongest line-up to date. Includes a new, fiery cover version of "Jerry's Breakdown" (by Jerry Reed), and one brand new CVB tune, “The Road Divides.” It also contains the live, at-rehearsal promo video of "Constant as the Wind" – a YouTube favorite with fans - song breakdowns by the band members, and an impromptu live jam with Howard Leese (Bad Co.) on “No Walkin’ Blues.”

2011 The Road Divides - Sixteen live songs, new and from the CVB catalogue, including "Jerry's Breakdown" and “The Road Divides,” plus two more unreleased tracks not contained on The Road Divides DVD: Live versions of the Beatles’ "Taxman" and Verheyen’s signature tune, "All You Need is Love."

Set List

You Bring Me Down

Topanga Hoedown


Highland Shuffle


Bloody Well Right

New Years Day

Henry’s Farm

Jerry’s Breakdown

Slang Justice (bass solo)

On Our Way

The Code (drum solo)

The Road Divides