Carly Maicher

Carly Maicher

 Saint John, New Brunswick, CAN

Heavy spirited acoustic folk that beckons you in as a listener. Carly is one part wheat field, one part ocean, and so are her songs.You can hear the vastness of Maicher's influences, but at the same time sense a distinct undertone that says "I'm singing my own song". Sounds like Joni Mitchell meets Leslie Feist.


"I had been romanticizing about running away to a far away land and sitting by the ocean as the waves rolled in and writing songs. There was something really intriguing to me about loneliness that I wanted to study" - Carly Maicher

It was a mere four years ago that Carly Maicher (20 at the time, 25 now) decided she wanted to explore the depths of loneliness and escape her familiar surroundings of WInnipeg, MB.

"There was something really intriguing to me about loneliness that I wanted to study" says Maicher. "I had a deep rooted connection to this tiny island in New Brunswick called Grand Manan - where my Grandparents grew up. My mother had purchased a summer home on the island which wasn't often used - so I decided to take advantage of this." Originally she had planned to simply vacation on the island for a couple months during the summer and to record a homemade record- but plans quickly changed. Weeks turned into months, and months to years.

Besides living out her day dream of escaping her prairie home - Maicher quickly found ways to occupy her time on Grand Manan - between managing a restaurant and fostering her creative nature - time seemed to pass quickly.
Fast forward three and a half years - January 2011 - Maicher finally set out to make the record that she went to Grand Manan to make. She acquired the help of good friends Zachary Lucky and Sean Craib Petkau, rented the needed equipment and set forth.
"Want I wanted (for recording), was for it to happen in the environment where I wrote the songs - right in my own home. I wanted it to sound homemade" says Maicher. When asked about her inspiration for Hiding Maicher stated, "The three and a half years I spent on (Grand Manan) shaped a lot of the reasons why Hiding came to be."

Hiding - the debut recording from Carly Maicher is an 11 song effort - featuring Maicher on vocals, and acoustic and electric guitar - as well as banjo and guitar accompaniment from Zachary Lucky - and when you listen to the songs it's as if Maicher is performing them for you in your living room. You can hear the character of the ocean side home where the songs were recorded - and the honesty in her voice.

Hiding is painfully beautiful and delicate release. It speaks of the hardships of leaving what you've always know - and exploring the pain and beauty of being alone - lost at sea.

Watch for Carly Maicher in 2011 and 2012 and expect big things from this quiet soul.