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Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Band Folk Singer/Songwriter


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"Carly Maicher"



I'm from a small town outside of Winnipeg. I travelled here two-and-a-half years ago on a quest to be brave and adventurous after numerous dreams about waves and water. I guess I sort of fell in love with the land.

Why music?

That's the hand I was dealt.

What was your breakthrough moment?

Skating On The Highway, 2008, in Manitoba. It rained in February. And then it froze. My family and I decided to go for a skate down the highway and videotape the event as a family outing. It was hysterical and the news loved it. So did YouTube.

What would you be if you weren't a musician?

It's impossible to not always be a musician, whether that means being the artistic director of a tiny music festival, performing to audiences large and small or singing songs to myself around a fire on the beach. Music isn't either successful or unsuccessful, and I'd be denying the bare bones of my soul if I wasn't a musician. But, hypothetically speaking, I really just like making things - so I'd be a maker.

What are you working on next?

Recording an album, I hope. After hosting the Island Folk Festival, which is my attempt to build a music community and expose other musicians to the inspiration that I've gathered here. There are more than 20 great musicians who have agreed to join me here that weekend. I am so thankful and so grateful to have that support. I already think it is a success.

What place on Earth inspires you?

Here and now. So important.

What place in New Brunswick inspires you?

Eel Brook Beach, Grand Manan Island. There is nothing not beautiful about it. It is such a calming place where I can't help but just be grateful for being alive.

Your favourite hero of fiction?

Huckleberry Finn. He is a grateful dreamer and he reminds me to be brave. He remembers the important things in life, not settling for less, never worried about dollars and cents. That makes him heroic. I wish to always keep that adventurous spark alive and well.

What is your greatest fear?

Sometimes ghosts, if it's foggy. Other times I get scared thinking there is a reality more real than mine. Then I remember to carry on.

Greatest joy?

Hanging out at the supper table with my great family or playing hockey on the river with my brothers.

What is your greatest extravagance?

I'm sort of thrifty.

What are you reading?

I am re-reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.

What's on your iPod?

Frank Black, Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch, Jenn Grant, Joni Mitchell, Jorane, Julie Doiron, Leonard Cohen, Nathan, Neil Young, Neko Case, Radiohead, The Sadies, Wilco, Tracy Chapman, Basia Bulat, The Olympic Symphonium, The Fugitives, Del Barber, Petunia, Amelia Curran, The Beatles, Interpol, Great Lake Swimmers, Joan Baez and, surprisingly so, Sublime. I rarely use or update my iPod.

What talent would you like to have?

I'd really like to be able to easily improvise with an instrument to play along with others.

What is the greatest public misconception

about music?

That it's the devil.

Your most treasured possession?

I'm one of those pack rats, so I have an emotional connection to almost everything I own. I wouldn't dare pick just one thing.

What is your motto?

Whatever will be, will be.

How would you like to die?


Your favourite music venue?

I really appreciate music venues like The Company House in Halifax. It's really cozy and it's one of those places where you feel welcome to their community. It's inspired me to work on my own music venue - Gallaways on Grand Manan Island - in that same way. It's a beautiful venue here, too - small, but with a vast view of the ocean. The festival is going to be held outdoors in our oceanside yard. So, if you ask me a week after the festival occurs, that may be my new favourite venue.

Editors note: The first-ever Island Folk Festival will be held from Sept. 10-12 at Gallaways Family Restaurant, 121 Rte 776, Grand Manan. The festival features more than 20 performers from across Canada, including Catherine MacLellan and Tanya Davis (P.E.I.), Del Barber (Man.), Petunia (B.C.), Babette Hayward (N.B.), David Simard (Que.) and more. The festival is primarily an outdoor, all-ages event. Audience members should bring blankets/lawn chairs/sunbrellas/umbrellas and be prepared to dance. $15/day or $40/three-day pass. Available by phone or at the door. Details: 662-8871, or - Telegraph Journal


Still working on that hot first release.



Carly Maicher is a hopeless romantic tom-boy that sprouted from a seed that cinderella must have dropped on her way home from the ball. She comes from a musical family that consists of instead three ugly stepsisters, three brothers and two loving parents. Her father plays the piano and guitar beautifully by ear, a mother who plays kitchen instruments, and each brother strums and picks the guitar, and one also plays the drums to keep a rhythm.

In 2008, Carly spontaneously left Manitoba and moved away alone to a tiny fishing island called Grand Manan in the Bay Of Fundy where her ancestors are from originally. Inspired by the extreme ocean tides, and the spirits that roam the old land, Carly spends her time writing songs about dreams of water and waves, and playfully sings about abandonment.

Carly landed a spot on Bridging The Atlantic, one of Canada's largest music blog spots 2 winters ago during a visit home after a family outing that's been titled 'Skating on the Highway.' The Maicher family created a video of Carly and her brother Cody skating down the number three highway in Manitoba after the rain froze into the largest skating rink in the world. Carly then featured the video on youtube accompanied by her song 'Hibernation,' where she was soon noticed.

Now, after spending 2 years hiding out in the maritimes, Carly has taken on a leadership position at a popular restaurant/lounge and has made it a goal to transform it into a live music venue to bring music to the island to inspire the local culture. She has hosted shows with local maritimers like Don Brownrigg from Halifax, NS, The Olympic Symphonium, The Smokin' Contra Band.

Carly has also successfully begun the first ever, and hopefully annual Island Folk Festival on Grand Manan where she had musicians like Catherine MacLellan (PEI), Del Barber (MB), JD Edwards (MB), Dennis Ellsworth (PEI), Petunia (QC), and more!

Currently Carly is consistently inspired by the sea and still strumming the guitar, plunking the piano, warming up the vocals and learning how the tide and moon work together as friends.