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Carlyn Hutchins

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"From Monica Yonge at"

Some songwriters work hard at developing their craft but, for others like Carlyn Hutchins it comes all too easy. Her latest acoustic, folk/rock CD entitled, "Lust Love Lost", features Carlyn's songwriting, lead vocals and rhythm guitar playing while accompanied by bass, electric guitar and percussion. Her rhythm pounds like a drum. She emits a great deal of energy into her songs as heard in the songs, "Habit" and "Come On Over". Carlyn Hutchins is a natural born singer with a tone that is sultry and raunchy. Especially pleasant to the ear is her high vocal register which flows from her like sweet sap oozing from a Sugar Maple. - Monica Yonge

"From GoGirls Music"

"What a refreshing, powerful acoustic album by Carlyn Hutchins. Carlyn demonstrates her songwriting & musical ability on her latest release, "Lust Love Lost". Hutchins melodic voice combined with her edgy style creates something special that will not disappoint." - Georgia Moncrief

"From CD Baby"

"Carlyn is a killer rhythm guitarist. Her playing drives this CD throughout. If sensitive and sultry lyrics on the joys and trials of alternative relationships is your thing, this is your CD." - Steve Rapson


"Before you go thinking this is another chick with a guitar, pop in the CD and brace yourself. “Sweet Young Thing” bursts out of the gate with rapid strumming, hot to trot. The sensual, earthy voice croons a hot, steamy song about going out on the prowl. My toes curled. My iced tea evaporated. My hair frizzed. I hope Hutchins is smart enough to start each gig with this song because I’m pretty sure no one leaves their seat after hearing it.

Hutchins is a pure folk artist with a bit of a kick. She does the social protest thing very well, as evidenced in “Urban Tragedy,” a photograph of domestic violence which includes the vivid lines “I can see you watching me, loving your authority, shut down my security.” She also has the earthy, flawless female folk voice that exudes passion and honesty. But she will not be neatly categorized with the rest of folk music. She offers a contemplative instrumental (“The Look”) as well as a surprising Latin beat experiment (“I Don’t Know Why”). She may be a folkie, but she likes to travel.

The absolute standout in this collection is “Three Doors Down.” Hutchins’ voice is at its best here. Heavenly high notes and the sweetest harmonies. It’s a sad song, but I’ll take all five-plus minutes of it because Hutchins can break the listener’s heart beautifully. You’ll feel the tears, but you’ll never want it to stop.

If your folk music collection is starting to all sound the same, definitely pick this one up." - Jennifer Layton

"Comments from booking manager of the 5th Street Coffeehouse in Philadelphia"

"The result is one of the most gifted guitarists we have ever hosted - don't miss Carlyn." - Brian Loebig


"Carlyn Hutchins" EP (2005)
"Session: Live" (2006)
"Lust Love Lost" - (August 2006)



She was a soccer player in another lifetime where her motto was "play like hell or get off the field". Carlyn jokes that too many whacks upside the head forced her off that field and into music but what really did it was discovering a connection to life, something she realized after a good friend's suicide. Born and raised in Philadelphia, as an adult she made her way to Boston, acoustic guitar firmly in hand. Don't mistake her for the many other singer-songwriters who seek folk fame in those hallowed coffeehouses. While Carlyn's been compared to Ani DiFranco and Joni Mitchell it's only because her aggressive guitar work and introspective lyrics lead you there. She's her own woman, playing all over New England. Carlyn has three recordings, the latest, Lust Love Lost, released in 2006.

Her day gig as a biologist gives her a keen eye for detail. It's apparent in "Three Doors Down", a story about the girl next door who, "had laughter like candy, rolled around on your tongue" but it all turns sinister with a violation: "But you tread on her heart like a crushed up tin can".

You can hear the spirit of Michael Hedges mixed with the melodic sensibilities of Dave Matthews on "The Look". "Sweet Young Thing" features a forceful guitar strum that more than compliments the not-so-subtle lyrics. It's an out front song of desire you thought only a man could write.

She taught herself to play at the age of 10, painstakingly picking out the melodies to her favorite tunes. Along the way she took a few lessons, always keeping that 10 year old mindset and never shying away from doing her own thing. Right after college there was a short stint with a couple of folk bands until the real world beckoned and she chose school and biotechnology. While the tragic loss of her friend initially inspired her songwriting, it was a chance meeting with another friend who got her back into performing. In the middle of her buddy's new song, she broke out into some harmony. Some musicians would have shushed her for the interruption but this one smartly exclaimed, "Oh honey, you have to play with me!" Carlyn lifted her broken left hand (a soccer injury) and gently reminded her that she wasn't going to be playing anything for a while. Her friend replied, "It ain't gonna be broken forever," so Carlyn used guitar playing as physical therapy and was on stage with her 5 weeks later. When Carlyn realized how it was also emotionally therapeutic, she stuck with it, playing more gigs and releasing her first recording in 2005.

She has three albums: a self-titled 5 song EP released in 2005, a live CD from early 2006, Session: Live, and Lust Love Lost, released late in 2006. It's a studio version of the live CD, with several additional songs, featuring New England based musicians Joey Ammo (guitar and bass), Allison Hale (vocals), Lisa Annunziata (bass), and Don "DC" Culp and Deb Blackadar (percussion).

Carlyn Hutchins is one singer-songwriter who plays like she means it and doesn't intend to get off the field any time soon. If your team favorites include the Indigo Girls, Melissa Ferrick and Patty Larkin, then you'll want Carlyn to play for you too.