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Paulsboro, New Jersey, United States

Paulsboro, New Jersey, United States
Band Rock Americana


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Local Favorite!"

"Carmen Costa has become a new local favorite!" - Wendy Rollins, Radio 104.5 Philadelphia - Radio 104.5 Philadelphia

"new hot sound"

"Carmen Costa is a new refreshing sound in rock music".....Katie Permison Mtv networks - Katie permison Mtv networks


"Sunspots" - EP
1. What's New In Fashion
2. The Untitled
3. Gears
4. Haven't Met
5. The Alibi

Radio Play - What's New In Fashion was spun during April/May of 2008 on Radio 104.5 Philadelphia

"Stories of Iron and Pride"- LP
1. Intro
2. Savage Land
3. Bleed Out
4. Sounds of Summer
5. Waiting For The Sunlight
6. The Alibi
7. The Politician
8. March On
9. Keep Breathing
10. Philadelphia
11. Ambulances Ambulances (Or, Sifting Through The Sand)

Radio Play - The Politician has been on constant play on Radio 104.5 Philadelphia (12/10 - Current)



When you look back; after the wars and the flashes on late night television... after you’ve turned the final pages on the person you thought you wanted to become... and those you love have finally accepted you for who you are... after all of those miles logged driving from one place to another in an attempt to figure out the exact difference between searching and running... what kind of stories will you have to tell?

This is Carmen Costa. In an attempt to blend the heartbeat of Hemingway with the spirit of Springsteen - To some how burry Melville beneath the ballads of Bloc Party and surround the characters of every F.Scott Fitzgerald short story with the haunting sounds of Explosions In The Sky, Carmen Costa comes to you with his first full length album - tired and torn, weary and wondering, honest and hopeful.


Goo Goo Dolls
Bruce Sprinsteen
Billy Joel
Bloc Party
Ryan Adams
Bright Eyes
Damien Rice