Carmen Gabriela Lozada

Carmen Gabriela Lozada


Carmen Gabriela Lozada explores new dynamic relations between the traditional Mexican music and contemporary interpretations. She is one of the best and most beautiful Mexican voices and brings to us in an enchanting and acoustic way forgotten Mexican music.


Carmen Gabriela Lozada is without any doubt one of the best voices of Mexico. In spite of her youth, this talented singer has performed with great success different genres as classical music, concert music, opera, and traditional Mexican music. Born in the Center of Mexico the history of her family has its roots in the Bajio region for more than three centuries. She says: “…the songs of my grandparents and my mother have taught me to sing from my heart…” Tireless traveller, she explores new relations between tradition and modernity, between the so called “classical” and “folkloric”. This is a decisive time in human history: we have the challenge to take a look in our origins with an open heart, and above all, with sincerity, without forgetting what we are and where are we on this XXIst century, from this basis we shall reinvent ourselves…Carmen Gabriela does it with her music: powerful, with great essence, character and sincerity, she recreates her culture, her songs and therefore contributes to its revitalization and survival…


"Sentirse viva/feeling alive, Canciones Mexicanas" Cielito Lindo Co, 2006.

Set List

From 14 to 20 songs...non stop 1 h. 30'of just good stuff...Beloved mexican songs by José Alfredo Jiménez, Agustín Lara, Consuelo Velázquez, Guty Cárdenas and other great mexican composers.