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Movin' On

Written By: Carmen Rogers

No more tears, no more sleepless nights
No more thinking of what’s wrong or right
No more lying alone in an empty bed
Wishing your love would be different instead
I’m moving on

So don’t ask me if my heart’s on the mend
I can blow in like a chill on the wind
I will find a new place to lay my head
Never one time wondering what I should have said

I can’t recall if it was this day or last
I realized my thoughts had been lost in the past
Like a leaf on a tree that the wind cannot shed
It needs to be free
I’m moving on

Don't Babe

Written By: Carmen Rogers

Don’t Babe

If you don’t think that you should give a minute of your time,
then don’t babe
If you don’t have the urge to look me in the eye, then don’t babe

I ain’t gonna waste your time
Lord knows you’re on a road much longer than mine
The wind’s at your back and the piper is playing your song

If you find yourself free, never missing me, stay free babe
If you close your eyes to rest, no longer feeling blessed
just sleep babe

I ain’t gonna hold you down
You’re on a new road there’s no turning around
The wind’s at your back and the piper is playing your song

If you’re on your knees to pray and find nothing to say, just hush babe
If the clothes you wore before don’t fit you anymore,
you can leave them babe

I ain’t gonna ask you to stay
You’re on a new path, I won’t stand in the way
The wind’s at your back and the piper is playing your song

If you don’t look at me and see what you used to see, turn around babe
If the words you spoke before hold no truth anymore, don’t speak them babe

I don’t want to hold you down
You’re on a new road there’s no turning around
The wind’s at your back and the piper is playing your song

If you don’t think you can stand in the place you once planned,
move on babe
If your time’s standing still and your heart’s taken chill, get warm babe

I ain't gonna waste your time
Lord knows you're on a road much longer than mine
The wind's at your back and the piper is playing your song

If You Keep Askin'

Written By: Carmen Rogers

If You Keep Askin’

If you keep asking me long enough
While I’m tired of thinking about the same old stuff
I might do something nobody expected
Join up ranks with the disconnected
They rolled in here about an hour ago
With a stack of papers and nothing to show
The engine still humming and the back door open
They looked at my face and could tell I was tired of hopin’

High heel clicking on mosaic tiles
While the people in the kitchen don’t care about the styles
The wealthy and connected all know where to go
When they’re the only ones there they rub their own elbow
Jockey’s at the post horse chompin’ at the bit
Waitin’ on the gun to fire, where should we sit
The jewels in that crown might have lost their luster
But don’t let that limit the excitement you can muster

The book I’m reading has filled my thoughts
With dying and the wounded all laying on cots
The doctors and nurses all pace around the floor
Grieving with each other about the cost of war
Go tell all the people with the same last name
That the book they’re reading don’t look the same
The man on the cover’s got the wrong face on
And the children in the chapters sing yesterday’s song

Well I don’t need much but I do need something
I’m hoping you can set aside your preconceived notions
Carry my bags to a quiet corner
Put on some fresh coffee and defend my honor
Sippin’ wine on the porch at the head of the holler
Ain’t no place for a minister’s daughter
Set a place at the table with your grandma’s china
She forgot to say grace, somebody please remind her

Well the curtain started closing with the show still playing
The odds were stacked against all the people staying
But the word spread fast it was nip and tuck
By the time they cleared out the deal had been struck
Money changing hands it’s a piece of work
They’re dodging all the corners where their consciences lurk
A little higher on the hog by the time they sleep
No more hands to shake or promises to keep

History Repeats Itself

Written By: Carmen Rogers

History Repeats Itself

History repeats itself, from somewhere on a dusty shelf
The same mistake a time or two
Hey this decision’s nothing new to me

Another night and I can think of something
Just one more day and I can have a plan
Another choice will tide me over still

Chances came and chances went, with nothing saved and nothing spent
No petals on the flower bloomed
No seeds to sow, no harvest moon for me


The lessons learned are lost on me
No I don’t need to change a thing

It’s hard enough to count the cost, with nothing gained and nothing lost
Just necessary evils here
When you won’t hold a promise dear to me