Carmen Salvador

Carmen Salvador

 Santiago, Santiago, CHL

female chilean songwriter who mixes latin rythms with pop, resulting in a modern and unique sound. It evokes folkloric music by using typical chilean instrument and yet sounds global and pop. Carmen Salvador interprets vocals, piano and guitar,accompanied by three musicians in drums,bass and guitar


Carmen Salvador starts her music career at thirteen, playing guitar and piano. she starts writing songs very soon. She has mostly rock and pop influences from anglo-saxon music, until a few years later she bumps into chilean folklore, wich becomes a crucial element of her music. Nowadays both folklore and pop have completely blended together, creating a unique style that brings ancient indigenous sounds to a global pop style, an easy listening experience and contagious melodies, a pop style like nothing you´ve heard before. During summer 2010 she´ll be touring through New Zealand, in many large scale festivals and well known live music venues.


Brotes (Sprouts)

it´s her first solo album

Set List

Carmen Salvador has over 60 songs, at concerts she usually plays around 14, making an 80 minutes show