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Carmen Salvador

Santiago, Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Santiago, Chile
Band Folk Pop




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"Carmen Salvador nomad guitar and songs"

La misma sincronía que hizo que Carmen Salvador no estuviera en Chile el 27 de febrero de 2010 ni en Nueva Zelandia el 21 de febrero de 2011 –las fechas de dos devastadores terremotos del Pacífico Sur–, es la que también le permitió convertirse en compositora y cantante, y llegar así a su primer disco: Brotes. “Pura sincronía”, dice. Después de un año de vida y música en Australia, la cantautora está de regreso. Pero no por mucho tiempo.


"Brotes" (Sprouts) 2010 - Independent.
Single "Restos de Ayer" has been streaming on chilean radio during 2011.



A prolific songwriter, Carmen Salvador is an independent songwriter from Chile who mixes folkloric south american music with the finest of pop, resulting in a fresh and unique sound. Emerging from a bubbling music scene in Chile, Carmen has toured New Zealand, Australia and Argentina with this characteristic blend of styles.  16 years of career, professional piano studies in Chile´s most prestigious popular music school and travels through South America have added flavors to this mix, in which Carmen interprets vocals, guitar and piano. Her first solo album “Brotes” (Sprouts) was completely composed, written and arranged by her. During 2011 she will perform in Europe in the Americas´ Pavillion of the World Culture Festival in Berlin, Freedom Festival in Portugal, among others.

Carmen starts her music career at the age of thirteen learning multiple instruments and writing songs and instrumental music. She takes part of many projects with an anglo-saxon influence, mainly doing rock and pop. She spends most of her life in Rancagua, a small city in Chile, and during three years she lives in Costa Rica (Central America) where she continues learning guitar with private lessons and becomes interested in piano. At eighteen she starts her professional career at Escuela Moderna de Música, Chile´s most prestigious popular music school, studying jazz and latinamerican piano. In the year 2004 she starts traveling on and off through South America and becomes attracted to latinamerican folklore. Her music takes on this influence and to this day it is a natural part of her work. "Brotes" (Sprouts) is her first solo album, entirely composed, written and arranged by Carmen.
As a solo artist Carmen has performed in Chile, Argentina and just ended her 2010 Oceania tour, where she performed 27 concerts including major festivals and iconic live music venues such as:
Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival: Opening Concert
Bay of Islands Arts Festival: Representing Chile on the XVI version “35°South”
Luminate Festival
Art in the Park Festival
Folk Rhythm and Life Festival

During summer 2011 she will tour Europe, starting with a concert at the Americas´Pavillion in the World Culture Festival of Berlin.