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Carmine Red



In the midst of a modern society filled with emotion derived from a balance between chaos and progress, Carmine Red was born. Since its 2003 inception, the band has been dedicated to creating a sound inspired by observation and emotion. After almost 3 years of compromising trials, it was time for a much needed line-up change as well as the initial preproduction for their first full-length album. In 2006, Chadwick C. Veach and Dustin Hart Racen joined members Denis R. Hill and Dexter Williams to complete the four piece outfit. Throughout 2006 and 2007, Carmine Red went into the studio to create their current release entitled "Anniversary." Their work is filled with angst and progressive ideas as well as sounds. "Anniversary" was created to express emotion. It is also earning them the credibility needed to build the reputation of a band that will be repsected for years to come.

Currently Carmine Red is hard at work promoting their recent release. With multiple demos and ep's in addition to their full-length album and a solid touring background, they hope to forge all borders and work their way into the lives of fans across the world. They will be a major staple in future music and fit into a category that is postgenre.

Carmine Red will be heard.


"Anniversary" (2007)
1) Anniversary
2) Animal
3) American Social
4) Lines for Audition
5) Kerosene
6) Piano Island
7) Motion Picture
8) Manuscript
9) Watercolors
10) Camouflage
11) Orchid

Set List

Our set list is composed from songs on our album in various combinations. We may suprise you with a cover every now and then.