Carminho is the voice of the new generation of fado singers.
After travelling the world working in humanitarian projects she recorded her debut cd considered by the Portuguese press has the best debut album in 10 years.


My name is Carminho, I’m 25 years old, I’m a fado singer and I’ve just released my first CD.
I was born in Lisbon on a family with fado traditions, my mother, Teresa Siqueira, is a fado singer and my father doesn’t sing but says that “who listens to fado is also a fadista”. Although I left Lisbon at a young age and moved to the Algarve, fado was always present, my parents frequently organized gatherings with other fado lovers and we were always listening to the classical singers: Lucília do Carmo, Fernando Mauricio, Amália Rodrigues…

For many years some considered me “fado’s great newcomer”, for all of them – and for all others that had so many kind words to say about me – I thank you from the bottom of my heart, but also with great expectation comes great responsibility, and that is why I waited until now to make my debut record. So far I didn’t feel secure enough to stand by a recorded registration, I felt like with a college test: the theory was solid but I still wasn’t ready for the oral exam.
This record could only be called “Fado”. It couldn’t, and I say it humbly, have any other name, out of respect of my roots, Fado and myself. This record represents me: my past (the Fados I’ve always sang), my present (the growth of my Fado throughout the years) and my future (where I will be guided even more by my sensibility).

I hope you enjoy “Fado”.


Fado (2009)
New cd in 2011