Carmin Turco

Carmin Turco


We are a great rock band. Both the material and the musicianship of this band lends intself to a variety of situations from a full-on rock show to a more acoustic setting. We are performing in the Northeast and have a great and varied discography.


I guess if you don't know us it would be good to tell you what's important. We've been together for six years. We love each other and make great music both live and in the studio. We are brothers not by blood, but in every other sense.

If you book us you get a ROCK show. We're loud, fun, lively and professional.


Angel - 1999 (Full-length CD)
"Back On Track" - 2002 (CD Single)
"I'm Gonna Hurt You" - 2002 (CD Single)
"I'm Gonna Hurt You" - 2003 (DVD Video)
Tricycle - 2003 (Full-length CD)
"The Times They Are A-Changin'" - 2003 (CD Single)

Set List

1. The Car Won't Start
2. Sacred
3. Understand (2 versions)
4. Everything
5. God Damn
6. Calm Water
7. Your Mama's Gone
8. My Soul
9. My Sailing Away
10.Capo 5 (A Great Time)
12.I've Got A Girl
13.I'm Gonna Hurt You
14.Liars Lie
16.Extraordinary Hush
17.So Much Nothing
18.Can't Cry For The Tears
19.Let Me Down
20.Cup Of Rain
21.I Know Something's Wrong
22.Leave It Alone
23.I Took The Girl
26.So Stay
29.Splashing Kisses
31. Take Care Of My Baby
32. The Times They Are A-Changin'