Carnal's Rejection
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Carnal's Rejection

Band Hip Hop Gospel


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Carnal's Rejection (AKA THE S.O.G'z)-The S.O.G. EP;
Carnal's Rejection- The Marathon



Embrace unity and reject division, as if to say united we stand sounds too clich.. although it is very true and very real. To sum it up that is Carnal’s Rejection, a.k.a. SOG. The glory bound soldiers are back again with a new mission and a new sound so get ready for the revolution. Three brothers, three voices, and one sound. With compassion in their hearts and a strong conviction in there souls, Carnal’s Rejection will lead with a vision by way of music and they intend to make it plain. There truly is a message in the music. These young warriors are not here to save the world for the message is quite apparent, they are mere vessels who offer a clear and concise word that will empower you to make a difference, just listen and you will see. When it comes to musical influences, the list is far too numerous to count, and that is what makes their music so special. Carnal’s Rejection is about the kingdom of God and that is why they will never deny that the original inspiration of this music they call “kingdom music” comes from him. To him alone, they will give all the honor and praise to now and forever. One thing an individual must understand is when you listen to what this group conveys over the mic, you are listening to what they live, believe, and everything else is just divine inspiration. Beloved, DillaGence, and 4:29 a.k.a. four-tweezie (Ephesians) are the Emcees that make up this anointed trio. This is not your average group, they have a history and they have seen many come and go and it is beyond the shadow of a doubt that it is because of God’s favor and his faithfulness they still stand in this game today. CR is going on 12 years strong. The first song they wrote and produced was called, “Examine Yo’ Self” and that has been a model and a standard for them throughout the years. S.P.I.T.T. NO EVIL Music is label that they represent. S.P.I.T.T. means Spiritually Predestined Initially for This Time so get ready to be blessed because the “time is now.” SNE Music is definitely on the way.