Carnatic Nomad by Jyotsna Srikanth

Carnatic Nomad by Jyotsna Srikanth

 Ilford, England, GBR

Jyotsna's music is substance-over style. Traditional South Indian of the highest order, innovative, intuitive, and exciting. The interplay in her team is pure ecstasy, Indian and a bluegrassy feel to superb effect. Perfect acoustic mix!


I love performing Indian classical & Indian contemporary. Having performed and composed music for more than a decade I love the audience sentiments. My music is both eclectic and soothing,

Music genre - World & Indian

RN Prakash Mridangam (two sided drum)
RR Prathap Ghatam (clay pot)

Jyotsna says:
I am looking beyond my roots for inspiration. My music is served with a blend of virtuosity and creativity culminating in a celebration of the harmony of spirit and mind. I am exploring the world of music with modern consciousness and traditional aesthetics. My work is an amalgamation of exciting instrumentation and expressions from South India."

Europe's leading violinist from the south Indian Carnatic classical tradition, Jyotsna Srikanth is also an accomplished western classical musician who has collaborated with acclaimed jazz, film, western classical and contemporary music artists.
Jyotsna has established her place as the top ranking musician of the West and the East. She has collaborated and brought about a real technical fusion as some of the media have mentioned.

Jyotsna is known for her versatility and ability to collaborate with different genres seamlessly and with ease. She is intensely rooted in south Indian classical carnatic music alongside having formal western classical music education. Adding on to this, she has flourished as a performer and composer, exploring lush ground in the crossover between Indian music and a variety of contemporary flavours. Her violin playing has a nice blend of 'bhava' [musical expression and emotion] & fingering technique, a result of three decades of experimentation as per a critic.

Based in London, Jyotsna has established her brand in UK, Europe and also in India where she originally hails from. Performing in the following genres, in many venues across UK, Europe and India, it has opened up many new vistas:
Indo-Jazz Fusion
Indian Classical / World music

Featured in top UK, India and Europes music festivals and events like BBC Proms, Womad, South Bank Centre, [QE Hall and Purcell Room] she has developed quality audience from across many genres.

Having audio releases of over 14 albums containing 85+ tracks across the above genres [+ childrens music and spiritual and trance genres], she needs more support from statutory institution, she feels.

Website: Www.IndianViolin.Eu has more information.

Some press quotes:

   ***** 5 stars Broadway Baby, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

'..Jyotsna Srikanth is an extraordinary and versatile violinist... free-flowing, often mesmerising' 4****stars The Guardian, July 2013

'..full of delicate ornamentation' 4****stars, The Evening Standard

..Britains finest violinist of Indian classical music Time Out

..An immense musical talent and intelligence Deccan Chronicle

..Arguably the only name that springs to music collaborators while seeking artistes across the Indian classical, jazz and world  music Indian Express

"...the amazing Jyotsna Srikanth on violin. " Independent, BBC Proms Concert


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Set List

The songs range from 6 - 9 mins each. My typical sets are Bombay Beats, Memories, Journeying through life, Eternal Bliss, Malgudi Memories, Kalyani Mix, Canter, Sama, Thillana etc