When flippant guitar-riffs meet an earthy bass, when the drum is dynamically rolling and the vocals sound as if there was no tomorrow, some get reminded of the golden age of Rock n Roll. However, if the musicians are in their best twenties, performing here and now, the public gets blown away.


In the late 90s, singer/guitarist Raffael Brina, Chris Schmid (guitars), Andy Leuenberger (the bass) and Kevin Verhaeghe (drums) lost their souls to rock'n'roll. Citing The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and AC/DC as inspiration, they released two albums to critical acclaim, 'Good Morning Evening' (2003) and 'Waxy's Little Sister' (2005). After a short absence, the band have bounced back with a new album, 'Cartagena, Colombia'.

The new songs sum up an intensive and very successful time. Playing to appreciative crowds in Paris, Liverpool and New York City to name a few, the shows have become bigger and better. The show at the Montreux Jazz Festival 2008 was a highlight, but the climax has surely been the gigs played at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool, where the Beatles started their career 47 years ago.

With countless nights spent writing, rehearsing, and sweating their souls out, the band penned over 30 songs until they found the right mix between rock'n'roll and huge ballads. 'Cartagena, Colombia' has great tunes, full of energy and wild attitude. These outstanding songs show a great maturity, with producer Yann Rouiller (Nazareth) taking the band on a magical tour to exciting new places. With strings and trombones, mellotrons and plenty of experimentation, the band have taken on a great new direction, whilst remaining unmistakably Carnation.


cartagena, colombia (2009)
waxy's little sister (2005)
good morning evening (2003)
face the blues (2009)
velvet sky (2006)
ocean of sound (2005)
sunflower yellow (2005)
finally here (2003)
boy from another galaxy (2003)

Set List

play time: between 30 and 90 minutes
set list:
- oh my love
- give it a bow
- rosie
- bad hair day
- young and wild
- home's where the heart is
- ghosbuster
- like rauschgift never happened
- gas in the can
- sunflower yellow
- between autumn and winter lights
- mama alright
- ocean of sound
- ryhthm psychedelia
- the band is always right
- liverpool
- one for the lads
- velvet sky
- good at it