Put Pantera, Alice In Chains, & Dream Theater, in a blender on high for a minute, serve it in a Yard of Ale glass with a shot of southern rock, & 80's metal stuck to the end of a toothpick, you have CARNEVIL! Hard and heavy pure honest rock! With a live show that is a must see!


Alluring melodic vocals with impeccable range, that break
the pre-conceived notion that all metal singers can do
these days is growl and scream.
High powered, enthralling guitar riffs and solos that
envelope the brain, and adhere to you long after you hear
them, always leaving you craving more!
Bass lines that vibrate through your being, unleashing a
sense of majesty and mayhem.
Drums so intense, you feel them in your chest. Delving into
your spirit and reaching the primal side of you, like some
ancient tribal ritual.
Put them all together and you have CARNEVIL.


Panic Machine by Carnevil has been featured on local Orlando radio stations
Real Rock 101.1 on their Native Noise show.
ORock 105.9 on their Indie Rock show.

Panic Machine, What You Did, New For Me, and Stare, have been played on
Daytona Beach Radio station 95.7 WHOG The Scene, as well as interviews with the band.

Stare by Carnevil has been aired on Real Radio 104.1Orlando

Carnevil has been played on several Internet Radio shows:
The Atomic Lunch - UCF's most popular student run Internet Radio show. (as well as a live interview)
ClimaxXx Radio (as well as a live interview)
Mayhem and Rage Metal Radio (as well as a live interview)

Insomnia Radio Flordia
JaxRock Radio
Blacksheep Radio

Set List

We typically play a 30-45 minute set with no covers.