Carnie Preacher

Carnie Preacher

BandHip HopR&B

Horrorcore born out of Juggalo music,but also a savy style of a blend of hip hop and urban rap from the east and west coast.Versatile in many forms and song writer on all productions


Derived 0riginally from the untapped Juggalo style music,but has expanded beyond that range to include various influences from his life and also from those who have inspired him as well.He has worked with a wide range of underground artist that span from hip hop to metal.Open to collab with anyone who is willing to put the dedication and heart into their craft.He has a hard work ethic and spends many hours either recording or promoting himself and others who take the time to come into his path..Major influences include 2pac,Biggie Smalls,Insane Clown Posse,Twiztid,Kottenmouth Kings,Jay Z,Linkin Park,Eminem and many other various artist.He is interested in bringing shock value and true life back to music.


Tunnel Vision
Burial Grounds
Hitten the Haterz
Outta the Aftermath

Set List

Just another Killa
Unholy Anthem
Dearly departed
Unholy Resurection
Homie In the cellar