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Welcome to the Carnival. A new innovative and hot group that brings a message of positivity, hope and love. Step Right Up hurry hurry the shows about to begin!



CARNIVAL is the latest HOT hip hop group to hit the scene. These four family members, Sean, Brandon, Jason and Jessica, were born and raised in Youngstown Ohio and they have all been reared as PKs (Preachers Kids). They have determined to turn the misery of their environment into ministry. Growing up in church as youth ministers, these young people have realized that the harvest is outside of the church yet still knowing the there connection to the streets. Possessing a strong spiritual background, the members of CARNIVAL are richly grounded in God and, most importantly, each of them knows that its there purpose to shake and help change the negativity that surround rap music. Sean Quotes, you can’t change everything but we still can give people a choice of what they want to here, music is such a big part of this generation we need more positive music to balance the game, and also I want my songs banging in the clubs. They also know that, like Paul, ‘we have to be all things to all men’, says Brandon, Sean, Jason, and Jessica. CARNIVAL Has a Long list of music influences from Hip hop to Gospel and R&B

“CARNIVAL has completed their first CD, entitled “Step Right Up 20 Hot Tracks! Strategically, they have geared their unique outreach to the surrounding community, in addition to and including the hip hop and R&B communities, with positive and uplifting songs. Using the frivolity of a carnival atmosphere, CARNIVAL conveys their message to the souls and spirits of their audience as they illustrate a Positive message in their most distinctive way. They rap in parables or with words that the common people can relate to. With this, it allows them to relate in the secular world as well as in the church. The choice of the name, CARNIVAL, was no coincidence, for carnival means signs and wonders. These young people truly have a heart to see lives changed through their songs and Life Style.

JonDoeMuzic is existed to have work on such a Diverse Project; we feel that Carnival can open up shows for Jay Z, and still get their message across to all the people. They flat out have hot lyrics and alone with hot tracks this is a great combination, to here hip hop with out calling women the B word is a step up for hiphop!

“Step right up
The show will now begin”

Ladies and Gentlemen…children of all ages…We now present…

Set List

We are equip to do all slots. Typically for a concert we do a 45 min to 1hr set. We have over 50 songs that are performable and ready to go.