Carnival Kids

Carnival Kids


A blistering assault of passionate Rock and Roll.


“I’ve never been as proud of anything in my life,” enthuses Carnival Kids vocalist Eric Molumby on the band’s debut singles “Fear Of Nothing” and “What To Do When Awake Within A Dream”, and it’s easy to understand why. Complex, visceral and compelling, these tracks strike a perfect balance between depth and accessibility, and mark the Anglo-Norwegian four-piece out as real ones to watch. And with early support from P3 radio in Norway and BBC Radio 1 and XFM in the UK, it seems others are catching on quick to this exciting new band.

“They truly captures what we’re about as a band,” explains guitarist/vocalist Jethro Fox, “heavy but eclectic, with a punk vibe. We’re inspired by bands like Botch and At The Drive-In, but also more melodic stuff like early Biffy Clyro – it’s a real melting pot, and our songs are pretty unique as a result.”

Unclassifiable though they may be, the band’s debut singles certainly pack a punch, something that the band are keen to follow up live. Selective in when and where they perform, 2013 has seen Carnival Kids play twice in London (supporting Gallows and Trash Talk), once in Norway at Slottsfjell Festival, and ending the year in November at Vans Warped Tour UK. “Our live shows can get pretty chaotic,” adds Jethro, “particularly when Eric’s involved. You never know what’s going to happen, but we maintain the tightness that you hear on record too.”

While half the band (Jethro and bassist/vocalist John Stark) are originally from the UK, there’s no doubt that their home is well and truly in Norway.“There’s such an amazing scene growing in Norway,” Jethro enthuses, “and it couldn’t be better for us. Bands like Kvelertak have paved the way, and our main goal is to carve out a serious fanbase in the same way.”

“We’re four brothers making music that we love,” Eric nods, “and no one else is doing quite what we are right now. This is absolutely real and raw, and who knows where it could take us.”


Two singles released in 2013 via Killing Moon Records:

April - Fear Of Nothing
October - What To Do When Awake Within A Dream