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Carnival Knights


Carnival Knights are a tight amalgamation of influence; neatly constructed together into a cohesive gem of sound. Accessible, powerful, and ambitious, they aim at the heart with a tenacious emotional intelligence as they tackle lament, romance, and the metaphysical.


Carnival Knights are a tight amalgamation of influence; neatly constructed together into a cohesive gem of sound. Accessible, powerful, and ambitious, they aim at the heart with a tenacious emotional intelligence as they tackle lament, romance, and the metaphysical; this all done while pooling together an eclectic merge of influences ranging from Radiohead, Neil Young, U2, and B.B King. The Knights foster a real love for the epic chorus, and who can blame them? Many share the innate desire for epic heart-on-sleeve-isms, and Carnival Knights creates the subject for our catharsis. Lyrically, the songs resonate within metaphor and mystery; inviting the contemplative listener to wholly search out the musical landscape laid out before them. Their onus is not to be an easy escapist outlet, nay; Carnival Knights seek their identity through encouraging the personalization of their music. This band is one with every intention of being heard, and judging by their debut EP, I would say they deserve it. If you have the chance, see them live. It is where they belong. - by: Combing Through Luscious Glory

Here is their story:

About Carnival Knights
John the 6th, a renowned harpist, spent his days singing and playing his harp, to the amazement of all who heard. Word caught him of one who's skill on a lyre rivaled his own on the harp. Curious, John looked into it. It was then that John the 6th and Digory met, and the spark that would later become Carnival Knights was lit. Their combination was incredible, but they wanted more, they sought to enhance their sound farther than any had gone before.

At that time they heard of a Medicine Man, who dared to put only four strings on a lyre, and strings of a thicker sinew. The product was a deeper sound, that could shake the ground you walked on. He was incorporated into the group, and their sound was even more incredible. They were still not satisfied. Sitting around a fire late one night, they pondered what sound could complete their trio.

As they stared off into the night sky, they began to hear a steady beat rising over the hills. They sought its source and found it on the outskirts of an old fort. A village outcast known only as Blackie had been forced out of the faith filled community for the sounds he made with his compliment of instruments. The trio saw past their superstitious presumptions, and they asked him to join their cause.

As he agreed, the skies opened up, and the sound of thunder filled the land. Carnival Knights had been formed, and through the thunder, the world warmed.

Recent gigs:

PNE Main Stage - Both August 28, 30 (fan favorite - talent showdown)

Matsqui Centennial Auditorium - Sept.27,08 - opened up for Ten Shekel Shirt (on US tour)

Media Club (Vancouver) - Oct.2,08 - Played with Adaline and Chantel Upshaw

Backstage Lounge (Vancouver) - Oct.10,08 - Played with Chantel Upshaw, and My Dearest Friends

The Barn - Oct.11,08

Currently: Writing for new album


A Jam

Written By: Carnival Knights

Open Page, hopeless gain
Feel her face, she's gonna change
they always whisper in her ear

Tear her walls or tear her walls
you dont have to find yourself in malls
tell your foes you've got control

Strollin city streets, creepy, creepy, creeps
bending of the knees, a breaking of her ease
there's always time to kiss her feet

Apples you will taste, a body that will waste,
its deeper to the soul and deeper to the skin,
you find yourself where you begin, yeah...

Give me what you got
Oh Yeah

Man of the Hawkridge Ranch

Written By: Carnival Knights

I met Doug, delivering cedar debree
to his farm, on Hawkridge street

He talked about planes, he thought about how he felt, off the scaffolding, of the scaffolding.

He walked with the weight of 100 men,
he slurred his words, for his hurt was deep

the world had lost its care it seemed, he had said, he had said to me.

The horse & his dog were his good friends, they saw his heart for it was good,

the doctor stressed his brain by the many tests, wanted theories he wanted peace.

I felt a love enter into me, it was warm like a summers breeze.

oh how he held his head so low, oh Lord, help me pray for him

Oooh, oooh....

Horse Chariot, Chariot Horse

Written By: Carnival Knights

I was troubled in my minds eye,
my heart was lifted to the star shooting sky,
the air is warming when you sit by my side,
I sure hope that time doesn't fly by

ohhh, ohhh

You see right through the clothes that I wear,
I hear the voice of my, hope and declare, yeah
My legs become weak, I'm feelin impared,
it starts to rain but I cant even care

ohhh, ohhhh

A rebels tears are, spilt on your page
like when the lions are all kept in their cage,
you have aready known the colors that I keep,
you know the melodies that have sung me to sleep

Ohhhh, your words are like water to me,
Ohhhh, just the same as leaves on a tree,
Ohhhh, and I know that your dyin for free,
Ohhhh, let me tell you how life is for me

For me, for me, for yeah...

Love 101

Written By: Carnival Knights

Find you dwellin in ice cold beds
Kickin up rocks, I see you as crabs
you stole some hearts I want them back,
livin in a land thats not your own

Tales of your tongue will go unheard
its life you take to fuel your waste
you bruised my wife and you pay for that
you slave all day to make your grave
ohhhh, yeah

You dont have a chance, at all
Cause love declared itself, over all(repeat)

His nails, his nails....

I'm comin to take your throne
I'm coming to kill the crow
I'm lovin the world it shows
I'm lovin the world it shows

The Ribbon

Written By: Carnival Knights

Where is the box you put under the stairs,
the one with the ribbon, you pulled from your hair.

If there was a time to catch a bird with a stone,
you'd be planting your smile, and watching it grow

Your learning to show the pigments in your skin,
painting the canvas, to remember where you've been

The mirrir is stirrin, even in your absense,
the stars are still waitin, with a lovers intent.

Forget all that you see when you start to see me
It all becomes clear, could this be your fear(repeat)

Repeat first verse


Carnival Knights EP - 5 songs
Single: A Jam
Radio Play: University of the Fraser Valley - CIVL-FM

Set List

The Carnival Knights usually play a set from 6-12 songs depending on the venue. Anywhere from 45minutes to 1 hour.