- Caro-

- Caro-

 Sebastopol, California, USA


Button Box accordion

Caro solo : accoustic or sonorised
Caro BB oracle : electro cabaret - drums bass accordion backgrounds vocals


The whole story started in France, the place where caro was born.
On a Sunday, at a flea market, she came upon an old gypsy selling suitcases. he stood under the shade of a red umbrella, with a yellow cigar perched on the corner of his mouth.
The man wore an old dirty white pannama hat and a beautiful smile.
Caro fell in love with one oof the suitcases and bought it. They laughed a lot during the bargaining.

Upon arriving at home, she discovered something in the suitcase : a Button Box...
And this is where the story of the box within a box starts.
Life is beautiful and caro seems to know how to tell it playing pleasant sounds.
Treasures in the box?....


Fell the move (electro disco) 2009

Follow the flow (electro) 2010

The Suitcases Full of Tricks (accoustic button accordion) 2011