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All press reviews in PDF dossier - Press


El agua donde cuece la verdura, El brujo Records. 2007.

The Water where the vegetables cook is a poetic project, ad so, a life project. It passes throughout almost two years of life and begins like it finishes, closing a circumference that, nevertheless, does not lead to the point of item. A spiral in three dimensions that it promotes from the deepest thing up to the highest thing, of the meat to the breath, of the land to the sky and return to beginning.

It begins in altars of a separation, where the doors are closed, when the loss already smelts - as the rain that approaches - and the trip finishes. And it ends with smell, again, to wet land, but this time after other rains. Between puddle and puddle, several stations that they mark to develop of the life and his shades: ocres autumnal, winters floes, springs chrysalises, fireflies of August. The transformation and the time, the man (my man) and his step, the love as emotion yearling, motive, encouraging, lost and again recovered.
Never lost.
Never completely recovered.

The lyrics show precise images of these moments, are loaded with elements and very personal symbols that will be liquefied and revealed in the notes that embrace her. The fire, the light and the electricity is born of guitars, piano and battery; the land, the seed, the rut, Mediterranean, Europe and Africa rests in thes guitar and under; the air, the smell, the breeze, the atmosphere, come with the voice, the projections and the light of the direct one.

And as the own nature and the life, sometimes it will be explosive and other times still. It will be complex though finally it seems to be simple. Rich though a pop sounds only. In some moment it surprises, sometimes minimal, sometimes infinite. Always exciting.

The water where the vegetable cook is the broth that gathers what has been cooked, where the properties stay and also the most bitter thing. With it other plates can be done, it is the fingerprint, the stain, the track, the memory...




Javier Cuevas. Caro Ceice, Voice.

Voice appellant of the jazz and pop, is transmuted into Caro Ceice to develop his more personal, deep facet and jazzy (The water where the vegetable cook, El Brujo Records 2007) without leaving of side other projects like Superocho (Superocho, El Brujo Records, 2007, or Sopassoup (quartet of vocal jazz where he explores the classic ones close to Jose Antonio Hurtado Sopas's wise guitar). Author and composer self-taught pawned in surviving to and of the music and convinced that this one is, as other arts, the best way of generating an emotion transformadora for this ill-treated world.

Juan Antonio Hurtado. Electric guitar.

Possibly one of the most sensitive and virtuous guitarists of jazz of the musical Spanish scene. He realizes his first concerts with the trio Tuareg, Pollen and Jazz to Hand, together with Alexis Billintong, prodigious voice in the world of the black music. Nowadays he is a guitarist and arreglista of Caro Ceice and creator of the quartet Sopassoup, the director of the Workshop of Jazz of La Alberca (Murcia) and habitual as musical collaborator of study of big companies and different formations He has received seminars of hand jazz of Bob Mover, Joan Soler, Pat Metheny and others. A musician touched by the magic of the jazz who impregnates with harmony his ways, to his friends, to his pupils...

Jesús Gea Trules. Spanish guitar.

Guitarist from Orihuela – La Matanza, 1976- tanned in the jazz and the rock, after his step along the top conservatoire of music of the capital of the Vega Baja and along the Workshop of Jazz and Creative Music of La Alberca (Murcia) of the hand of Juan Antonio Hurtado and Federico Morales, explores the possibilities of the guitar and under in different formations): It was Crushing Jazz (Latin Jazz), Put aside You, El Falo de Vigo and multiple works in study and as musician of directly. He stamps on Caro Ceicea personal and Mediterranean that turns it into fundamental piece for the sonorous and creative development of the formationA beautiful being who feeds of chords and perspires fields of lemon trees...

Toni Marín Millán. Acustic fretless bass.

Bassist of self-taught formation – Las Torres de Cotillas, Murcia, 1973- is present at seminars of Jazz in Valencia of Kurt Rosenwinkel's hand, and Mike Mossman and of Fleming in Seville together with Carles Benavent and Jorge Pardo between others. It realizes works of study with artists as Jose Luis Manzanero - Question of styles and Defrosted-, the realized one with Jose Luis Santacruz and Max Suñe - Our Rio-, Antonio Aráez in We Are Human, and The water where the vegetable cook with Caro Ceice. Musician awkward and in love with his instrument and with the life itself has contributed to the birth of musical projects as exciting as that of Maria D'alegria, Sopassoup, De perdidos al Trio and Caro Ceice.

Federo Morales. Drums.

Teacher of Battery in the Workshop of Jazz of La Alberca (Murcia) is one of more veterans bateristas of this country. After passing for the Conservatoires of Music of Murcia and Madrid he moves in 1980 to Barcelona where he begins his studies in the Classroom of Modern Music and Jazz of the Barcelona (of the one that would be a numerary member of his Big Band) until in 1986 he begins a musical activity that leads him to touching with big of the jazz as Toti Soler, Ovidi Monllort, the Big Band "Luis Rovira" of Barcelona and artists of Turtell Poltrona's height (Founder of Clowns Without Borders) or the company of theatre Dagoll Dagon. He contributes wisdom, fondness and an unmistakable swing to everything what touches - included the Indian tables, demanding lovers in the maturity ...-.

Antonio Mateo. Piano.

Pianist, composer and arreglista -Santomera, Murcia, 1979-, realizes his classic formation with M ª Teresa Gutiérrez y Larisa Tedtoeva and later in the Conservatoire of Murcia. Emilio Molina or Eduardo Armenteros happens for courses of pianistic development with Olga Tverskaya, Guillermo Gonzalez, Bertrand Ott, Carles Guinovart, until he submits squarely to the jazz and learns of big teachers like Kevin McCoy, Bruce Barth, M. Ph. Mossman, Chano Domínguez, Albert Bover, Bernardo Sassetti, Kevin Hays, Albert Sanz, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Mark Turner or Pat Metheny. Charismatic and dear musician, has generated and collaborated in projects as Could be jazz, Acho Trío!, Andrew Santos Jazz Band, J. L. Santacruz Sextet, Por herencia, J. L. Manzanero, Muérdago, …. Nowadays pianist accompanist of the Vocational school of Dance, gunwale in Caro Ceice a peculiar selection of colors and harmonies that adds to the digest beauty and tenderness, as himself...
José Antonio García. Trompeta / Fliscorno

Trumpet player of self-taught formation – La Alberca, Murcia, 1959- after his first steps along the music rock and the jazz in groups like You (guitar, harmonica and voice) and later