Carol Ann Hamel

Carol Ann Hamel

 Anderson, South Carolina, USA
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You Scare Me To Death

Written By: Carol Ann Hamel

(Holiday: Halloween, Carol Ann Hamel)


You scare me to death!

I got the “invite” to your party
Hand-delivered, wouldn’t ya’ know
The card inside read “Don’t be tardy”
I was afraid not to show.

It said that I could bring somebody
The more the merrier was your plan
But when I told my friends about it
They screamed and ran!

You never seem to get sleepy
And you’re always dressed in black
The way you move is kinda’ creepy
I was watchin’ my back.


You scare me to death!

Your house was old and dark and scary
From within came an eerie glow
Right next to the cemetery
With the moon hangin’ low.

I climbed your creaky stairs and saw you
There you stood with bated breath
And not another soul that I knew
They scared me to death!

Then came a flash and a crack of thunder!
That was it! I couldn’t take no more
Afraid I’d wind up six feet under
Like your neighbors next door.

You scare me to death!