Remember three things when my name comes up, I have a vibrant-outgoing personality, I am unique, and as my title song goes.. I am "Spontaneous".


Late in 2002 we began production of my second album titled "Spontaneous", which is what I consider to be my breakthrough album. With topical lyrics, excellent music and arraignments. Spontaneous has shaped up to be an album that is full of potential hits that everyone will love, they are a diverse mix of pop, and sexy R&B songs. Everyone who has heard my song "Boyz wan 2 Scor" say it has "hit" written all over it, it's a timely statement to young girls about what boys will be expecting from them as they grow up (I cant wait to do a video for this song). I have approached all of my songs in this album as potential hits, and who knows, they just might be, all I know is from the sample marketing of them, everyone loves my songs. Production on my "Spontaneous" album was completed in late 2003 and will be released before the end of this year.


I released "preview" copies of my songs to radio stations around the country during the production of "Spontaneous" with great feedback from all who received them.

Set List

A live set is typically all my material, I prefer to be an original, not doing covers, and besides being unique is what sets me apart from being another clone of artists already out there.

My favorite songs to perform are:
Piece of Me
Talk is Cheap
Breakin' enough Hearts
Boyz wan2 Scor
Bla, bla, bla
A modern woman
Whatever happened to Us