Carol Cole

Carol Cole

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my music is a soulful rock, some say a swinging kinda jazzy rock. I write about the things we need to say but never do. I come from a female's perspective of the issues that we experience in life. I pour my heart into my music and lyrics and most of my songs are stories or experiences of my life.


I've grown up doing vocal and piano competitions, group and solo. I've played in many churches, and other events performing different types of music. I just got done leading a worship ministry for last 2 years and have done local solo gigs around town at coffeehouses, outdoor events and festivals. Currently I'm writing my second album and starting to record with my new band. We are still doing gigs around the treasure coast area currently.
I hope to reach the hearts of people to help encourage them that if they are struggling through a difficult relationship or or struggle that they can find peace knowing that they are not alone in this and that someone else has been there and knows how they feel on the inside. I hope to encourage them that they can move beyond their past and/or their present troubled situation and there is life and love beyond the pain.


Your Love

Written By: Carol Cole

You looked at me with your eyes filled with mystery
Until that day when they changed and were filled with jealousy

Your Love left marks allover me
Your Love just wouldn't let me be
Your Love at times was so tenderly
Your Love felt so right inside of me

You used to be so loving and so funny, until you began to laugh at me.
You knew just how to touch me, until you first hit me.

2nd chorus:
Your Love left marks allover me
Your Love you couldn't let me be
Your Love at times was so tenderly
Your Love you were hitting me

Your Love was so wrong for me but I've been blinded, and I could not see that you were wrong for me

Your Love was so wrong for me for I've been misguided and I had to leave, leave you and your love

What He Took

Written By: Carol Cole

1st verse

I've made some bad decisions
which have gotten me in tight positions, but I never agreed to let him take this from me.

What He Took, when I was only 13
What He Took, was the inmost part of me
What He Took, he left a whole inside of me
What He Took, he took my purity
when he stole it from me

Now I'm bound to feeling numb
and i don't understand why i hurt so much
Yea and here I am, in the middle of 16, and why do I feel so used and dirty?!



Written By: Carol Cole

You are the apple of my eye
Ive loved you before you were born and everyday of my life
I cant wait to see you bloom into a beautiful butterfly

You were once growing in my cocoon, but now you've grown into someone completely new.
It's hard to let go of you, do you have to leave so soon?
For I will miss you, my beautiful butterfly

Now spread your wings and fly my butterfly
I'll pray you'll never die my butterfly
You are the love of my life my butterfly
I love you, my butterfly

Now fly...


cd: Your Love
1. Running on empty
2. What he Took
3. As I Grieve
4. Child of Mine
5. Rain
6. Your Love
7. Tears are Falling
8. Give Us a Chance
9. 3rd times a Charm
10. Butterfly to hear 4 songs from album., cdbaby and itunes have my music.

Set List

Running on Empty
Killing me softly
your love
hit me with your best shot
what he took
i just died in your arms tonight
tears are falling
lets stay together
give us a chance
home sweet home