Carole Pegg

Carole Pegg


Carole Pegg combines her raunchy fiddle and narrative song lyrics, which root her in the southern English tradition, with vocal and instrumental textures of epic bards and musicians of Inner Asia. Her new 'The Goshawk Project' explores these connections.


Born in Nottingham, Carole initially worked in folk clubs with her former husband as 'Bob and Carole Pegg'. She co-founded and became lead singer and fiddler in the legendary folk-rock band 'Mr Fox', then released a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter album as 'Carolanne Pegg'. Now, after living and working withmusicians and spiritual specialists in that region for more than 20 years, she's back - with a new adventure - The Goshawk Project - that seeks to reconcile those experiences with her own English traditional music background and songwriting.


The Gay Goshawk

Written By: Carole Pegg

A gay goshawk came to my window sill,
The snow it fell fast and the stars stood still,
'Oh won't you take me in from the storm?
Won't you take me between your sheets so warm?'
Gold was the colour of his wings so fair,
His eyes they were bold and of silver so clear,
As I laid his brown body upon the pillow,
He became a man, lithe as a willow.
[Verse 1 only given]


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