Carole Pope

Carole Pope


Ambient Guitar dominates the sound accentuating pensive darkly humorous lyrics. "It's Music that makes you think and dance at the same time."


About Carole Pope " You can get my music at and My album transcend is now available on iTunes With three Juno Awards, (The Canadian equivilent of the Grammys) a Genie Award, and four Gold and two Platinum records to her credit, Carole Pope is an icon of transgressive music. In sharing her thoughts on sexuality, and sexual politics, her music makes you "Think and dance at the same time." Her latest albums Transcend Le Petite Mort Records had garnered rave reviews and Transcend the remix album Play Records is charting on college and dance radio. She has contributed songs to: The Trailer Park Boys, The L Word, Queer As Folk, The Five Senses and This Revolution. She is the author of a best selling autobiography entitled Anti Diva published by Random House. "Transcend, Pope's latest weapon, is explosive, electronica that swaggers with rhythmic confidence while Pope's husky vocals both dare and deliver with the swelling abandon for which she's known. "World Of One" is dark and smoky, a visceral and sexy send off. "I won't play nice and make it easy/ In your world of one," Pope promises. In "Dream6" she blends the lure of desire with relentless, restless guitar riffs. "Americana" is a delicately hypnotic tour of landscapes and politics." Xtra"


Weapons (Rough Trade) Sony Universal 2007
The Trailer Park Boys Soundtrack Athem Records 2006
Transcend Le Petite Morte Records ITunes 2005
Transcend The Remix album Play Records ITunes 2005
All Touch(Jimmy La Mort Mix) BugEyedRecords 03
High School Confidential Queer As Folk Soundtrack 2001
Radiate EP Le Petite Morte 1995
Shaking the Foundations (Rough Trade) Sony
The Best of Rough Trade Sony
For Those Who think Young (Rough Trade) Sony
Avoid Freud (Rough Trade) Sony
Rough Trade Live Umbrella Records