Carole Wise

Carole Wise


Carole is her music and it is evident in every movement of her face and body. In performance her connection to her audience is at once intimate and intense, much like Carole herself. Her voice is rich, soulful and wonderfully naunced. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy!


No stranger to the stage, from East to West coast and many places in between, Carole's music and lyrics speak to the heart of her listeners. With words and music both personal and universal, she speaks of hope, love, life and the journey to finding self.

Carole's musical journey has been full and rich. Whether performing solo, with other talented musicians, or working on the next track in the studio, Carole loves making music. Wise is also committted to supporting the community. She continues to perform several benefit shows throughout the year raising money for various charities.

Carole has taken a journey of miles and emotions, and her music went with her. The journey has stirred her spirit and her music expresses the experience of searching, exploring and finding home and self. In the canyons of the Land of Enchantment she recognized the home of her soul. In coming back to New England, she returned to the home of her heart's bliss - the rocky coast of Maine.

Carole is her music and it is evident in every movement of her face and body. In performance her connection to her audience is at once intimate and intense, much like Carole herself. Her voice is rich, soulful and wonderfully nuanced.

Her story is of life lived and is capable of moving you to tears, laughter or soulful reflection. In Northeast by Southwest, she brings it all together in a compilation of words and music. In listening, you’ll travel her journey, but arrive at yourself. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy!


Side by Side

Written By: Carole Wise

So many things to understand
So many willing to give a damn
I know somehow we can learn to stand side by side

Someone tapped into my energy
What a wonderful word to feel and see
And be a part of electricity
Side by side

Side by side let's walk with each other
Side by side let's talk to one another
Spend a moment in time
Side by side
Things won't change 'till we get down to it
Reach out your hand and help somebody through it
Spend a moment in time
Side by side

Another day another dime
I wish for a world willing to spend some time
Not just one day on Valentine's
But, side by side
Silent partners are all we are
Until we reach for a brighter star
And, show the world we can travel far
Side by side

tag: Well I will close this song, but I won't close you out
I believe that you know what I'm talking about
You're never alone there's always a home...Side by side
chorus- end

Land of Enchantment

Written By: Carole Wise

Desperately I search for the darkness
Silently the moon is on the rise
I find no place to sit and feel my heart ache
I find no place to hear my spirit cry
Oh, how I wish I knew what I was after
Instead of chasing rainbows in the sky
Funny how the dreams and all the laughter
Turn to sorrow and good-bye

I'm going back to the land of enchantment
Going back to find my way home again
Going back up to the canyon to lay my soul to rest
Going back to a place my heart knows best


Well, the city is so nice with all the bright lights
But, I know in my heart it's not for me
I guess I'll never settle for the footlights
'Cause the canyon and the moon's my company
Oh, now I know just what I'm going after
No more chasing rainbows in the sky
A place to find real lovin' and good laughter
No more sorrows or good-byes


I Know

Written By: Carole Wise

Whenever I hear your voice
Whenever I see your smiling eyes
Whenever I hold you in my arms like so, I know...

Hook line and sinker, don't even think about it
I'm going the distance with you, will you?
I can't resist this you're so extraordinary Just thinkibng about you turns me inside out


I always thought i was a real good swimmer
I'd never go out way over my head
But, evr since I've met you my nerve's ' a little thinner
I think I'll spend more time on the shore instead

I know you'd come in to rescue me
Through hard times and troubles
And life's uncertainties
You'd be a life-line when the waters run too fast
Now I'm holding my head up and I'm breathing at last

instrumental / chorus / end

Long Way Home

Written By: Carole Wise

Long Way Home
Carole Wise - 07

Memories take me back to a long time ago
When we sang, when we laughed, and sometimes shared our woes
It's time to go home, but I can't let go
I take the long way home

Time stands still and I'm right there
Watching over you, And I still care
The sun sets low, and I won't let go  I take the long way home

Tag:1 - I keep the music in my heart
Where you will always be a part of me

More dreams to dream
Tomorrow's yet to be
Looking deep within and claiming what you see
Though many years gone by
Don't waste your time, don't ask why
Just take the long way home

TAG:2 - Don’t be afraid to take a look
You’re journey is an open book
When you take the long way home


Northeast By Southwest, 2007

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Set List

Originals (45+)

2-3, 45-50 minute sets (depending on venue)


Shawn Colvin, Mary Capin-Carpenter, James Taylor, Tracy Chapman, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, Alison Krauss, Karla Bonoff, and many more...