Carolina Sonshine

Carolina Sonshine


Dennis Cash is a Singer/Songwriter based in Autryville NC (originally from VA). His mission is to promote the art of music in a fun, entertaining way. He sings and plays Acoustic/Folk/Old-Time/Bluegrass/Gospel. He has a passion for music of the Carter Family.


Dennis has been performing professionally for more than 35 years. Dennis has been influenced by many first generation bluegrass musicians, but his strongest influence was The Carter Family. He has an interest in keeping the music of the Carter Family in the forefront of today's music. His repertoire of their music includes many of the more popular but also many of the songs rarely performed by today's musicians.

Dennis is proficient on the acoustic guitar, mandolin, auto-harp, bass as well. He loves to sing and has a tenor lead voice.


Latest CD:
Sing Me A Carter Family Song, released 11/12 on Blue Circle Records
Includes 'A Carter Family Song' written by Tom T & Dixie Hall which has been made available to deejays and is being played internationally.
This CD is the second release of Carter Family Music. Bill Clifton stated: “Dennis reaches deep into the Carter’s song bag and retrieves some sparking gems that have been sorely neglected over the past 85 years or so while, at the same time, breathing new life into a few of their most widely known and oft-recorded songs.” “Finally, Dennis Cash is, without question, the leading proponent of Carter Family music and one of the principle reasons that folks around the globe will continue to approach singers with the words ‘Sing Me a Carter Family Song’.”

Songs of Home was Dennis' first CD of all Carter Family music and has also received international airplay.

Other CDs with Carolina Sonshine:
Carolina Sonshine Remembers the Country Gentleman
Sinful Wind
Soaring Like an Eagle
Walking in God's Sunshine

Dennis also recorded an original song (The First Christmas Tree) on Christmas in Carolina on Blue Circle Records.

Set List

Below are the lyrics to 3 of the songs found on

While The Band Is Playing Dixie

It was on a day when soldiers wrote a line to those they loved
To Mothers wives and sweethearts far away
When a fair haired boy sat dreaming of a far off southern town
Of a dark eyed maiden waiting day by day

While the band is playing Dixie I’m humming home sweet home
It takes me back to Georgia though I’m far across the foam
Once again beside the river with my Mary dear I roam
While the band is playing Dixie I’m humming home sweet home
Be it ever so humble no place like home
Be it ever so humble no place like home

On that night when all were sleeping came the bugle call to arms
With flashing eyes he plunged into the fray
And among the first to give his life all for the flag he loved
Was a boy who dreamed of Dixie far away

They found within his pocket a bloodstained little note
A bullet hole had pierced it through and through