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Wilmington, North Carolina, United States

Wilmington, North Carolina, United States
Band Hip Hop R&B


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Where are you from?

Wilmington, North Carolina

What makes you different than other artists?

I feel me staying true to myself and that I will not conform the presents of the corporate world.

What do you do for the community?

I do out reach programs and being visible to up lift the community. To give them alternatives

What do you consider is a hot music?

I feel that music that you can emotionally connect you and can uplift you is hot music to me.

How do you pick your tracks?

It really a random thing usually tracks really pick me.

Do you tell the story of the beat?

I try to tell the story of the beat I feel that is something that goes hand and hand.

What are the biggest things artists needs to have to make it in the industry?

The biggest things artists need are:

Stanasity, drive, passion, business savvy, a little skill for corporate and love for the music/respect for it or it won’t work out.

What made you get into the music business?

It started off as a hobble joking around with the fellows. Then I realize my words had power plus the encouragement of others is when I decided to do it full-time. Then money aspect to me was an added bonus for me.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

I don’t think I would change anything about myself. I believe if anything as for more wisdom which comes with more experiences.

What is the first song you heard that changed your life? And who was it by?

I ant no Joke by Rakeem

Where can we find your music?

Do you have any events coming up?

You check my myspace for that information. What keeps you in this business? My love for the music.
If this was you last day on earth what would you liked to say to your Fans?

I would tell them to carry on the movement. I feel what we have going on is bigger than the music.
Why should I spend my hard earned money on your music?

I feel it well worth it; I feel this is my way to extended myself to you and to get to know me on a bigger level.
- Written by Queen Diamon For INTERNATIONAL HIP HOP

Maaaaaaaaaan…What can I say? About 3 months ago I spoke with Carolina Torch (the General) on my way home from the radio station. He said, “B, what single on the new album do you think we should pick?” I responded, let me listen and I will call you right back." When I called Carolina Torch back I couldnt really pick one song that stood out to me because there were so many good tracks that I had heard and Torch just chuckled and said, “I told you.”
With that being said, since I moved back to the Port City, Most High has always been mentioned when you talk about Port City independent artists. With the loss of their member Ronsin, it seemed as if it made thier rhymes stronger and more insightful. The distinct rattle toned voice of Nutty, the cool and collected female counter part Chetta Netta and the General Carolina Torch who is looked at as a mentor for some indie artists in the Port they form the group Most High and new album the Nine Dime.

This album is definitely a classic. As they take you into their world on the eastside of the Port City and show you what they have gone through as well as what to expect from being a straight up individual. The Keep Haten track and the Dats that Bullshhhhh record opens up the door for their Eastside extended family and could totally be a single for the group.

I know I’m not supposed to say but my favorites are I’m a SHine, Things Done Changed and of course the Stand Up featuring C-Murder recording which they dedicate to Kwame Teague for the on going trial of an alleged murder that was put on Kwame based off of finding a mixtape with his fingerprints on it. Most High uses the Nine Dime album to show the groups dynamics and how deep and varied all of the members are…Click the link below to get the album…EEEEEEEEEEEAST SIIIIIDE!!!! - Brandon Hickman

By: Brandon Hickman , FOR ENCORE MAG. “Most High!!!” is what I first heard this hot dude scream with a team of MCs when they hit the stage at a Young Guns concert four years ago. A big man emerged ready to drop the illest show I had seen from a local hip-hop artist. “Torch” is what they call him, an Eastside representative who loves and respects where he is from, but more importantly, knows where he is going. Torch released General Purpose as if it came packaged from a major label, wrapped nicely with a bar code. Torch is ahead of the game. He called into 97.3’s request line one night, while I was working, to offer up a few good comments on a particular local artist—the room froze (it always does ‘cause Torch doesn’t call often, and when he does ya need to listen). So I just sparked it off with my random questions. “Yo Torch, how long have you been rappin’, man?” I asked with no haste. Torch jumped right in, “Twelve years.” The group that Torch is in had a lot of controversy hit them after the death of their member Roncin’. Torch said, “Most High is in a league of their own; we are definitely not gangsta rappers. We are coming from the other side, but we talking about coming up and what we don’t want the youth to go through.” I leaned back and listened intensely as this man’s voice commands respect. Still, I had to ask what’s on every hip-hopper’s mind. “I have asked a lot of people if they made it, who they would come back for, and they have all said, ‘Torch; Wassup with that?” Torch chuckled a little and said, “It’s a respect thing; I don’t switch it up, I keep it real … the young local cats keep me pumping and motivated to work. We conquered the limelight, now let’s start getting that rotation.” Inspiration runs the gamut for artists. Torch keeps his close to home. “My biggest inspiration is my moms—she holds me down, she’s behind me,” Torch said. And when asked what MC he would like to talk to, he responded, “Naturally, folks would say Jay-Z cause he’s hot now, but I would like to see Scarface, Rakim—sit down and pick their brains and see where they’re coming from.” Somewhat a man of few words, Torch commands the respect of the Port City hip-hop family. He is so in-depth with the city that he has titled his new album1898: Getting Ready for the Get-A-Ready (www.myspace/bigtorchdageneral). Be on the lookout for it. Real Talk! - ENCORE PUB MAGAZINE





Born “Sherman Carlton Darkoh” on March 15, to Ruby and Joseph Darkoh in Wilmington North
Carolina; the youngest of five siblings, one brother and three sisters .
I started writing at the age 12yrs old as a hobby while joking on family and friends. My major
Influences are” Rakim “, “Scarface” ,” Outcast” , and “ Heavy D” but I couldn’t dance so I had to
wait until “Reality Rap” came back to the forefront that related to my genre of rap during the era of
“Biggie and Pac” . Rap went from a hobby to a career venture as I realized the power I possessed
through my lyrics. I’ve participated in local radio contest & performed in numerous shows and night
Clubs in Wilmington and surrounding areas with a variety of crowds I also opened up for the “Young
Gunz” and have been featured a in numerous local dvds and magazine newsletters such as the “Encore Pub” and “The Block News Letter“.
As a buzz accumulated in the streets of Wilmington about an “East Side” rapper I got acquainted with
Someone who shared the same passion for music as me Roncin Sanders, and with our great minds we
Came to place the “Port City’s” heavy hitters together know as “Most High Productions” . Tragically
Roncin Sanders was gunned down and murdered in December of 2002 . At that moment I vowel to
Continue the movement we started.
My first solo project under Most High Productions “General Purpose” was released on our imprint . It
Flooded the streets with units in surrounding areas within months. I am currently working on my
Second solo album and numerous other projects within our company. The Sky’s The Limit.

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